”Label web series will give me good recognition” – Actor Arish Kumar


”Label web series will give me good recognition” – Actor Arish Kumar

Arish Kumar made his debut through director Kasthuri Raja’s ‘Idhu Kadhal Varum Paruvam’. It is worth mentioning that the filmmaker owns a speciality of introducing ace actors like Raj Kiran, Meena and Vadivelu alongside many artistes in the industry.

But what’s surprising is that Kasthuri Raja got to know that Arish Kumar is none other than the son of versatile editor Ganesh Kumar, who has worked in more than 300 movies.

Such happens to be the wonderful gesture of Arish Kumar, who for past 18 years has been striving with his hard work and deception without using the family background and support in the movie industry.

Despite delivering promising performances in the movies like Maathiyosi, Gorippalayam, Muthukku Muthaaga, Miga Miga Avasaram and few more movies, he couldn’t make a steady stride in the industry. Maybe due to the fact that he is not making use of support and influence in the movie industry.

He has now made his comeback through his promising performance in the web series ‘Label’ directed by Arunraja Kamaraj that stars Jai, Tanya Hope, Master Mahendran and many more prominent actors. The web series premiered on November 10 on Disney Plus Hotstar. Arish Kumar has played a pivotal role in this web series, which has got him good reception.

Arish Kumar says, “We have come across many remake movies, but Arunraja Kamaraj’s remake – Nenjukku Neethi left a deep impact on everyone. I am a great fan of his writing. Soon after watching the movie, I immediately called and congratulated him on his movie.”

“I requested him expressing my desire to work with him in his forthcoming projects. I usually, don’t prefer asking such offers out of friendship. However, as an artiste, one might develop a penchant taste of liking towards a filmmaker’s work and they desperately desire to work with them. Such was my intention, and that’s how ‘Label’ happened.”

“Web series own a special and unique feature of giving importance to all the characters, and such is my role in ‘Label’, where I perform a pivotal role as a police officer. Label signifies identity, and I’m glad that I have found an identity working in this web series.”

“This web series has been made with top-notch quality, and has the same output and impact of a movie with high-octane action sequences and good songs as well.

Many arrive in the film industry out of fascination, but only few filmmakers desire to make or bring a change or revolution in the cinema industry. Arunraja Kamaraj belongs to the latter category. I see him as a filmmaker, who can perfectly exhibit and project works based on social equality and justice. Even his ‘Label’ boasts of such a great theme as the backdrop.

This is my first web series. I don’t find much difference between the movie and the web series for both demand same amount of effort. Although both the release platforms are different, the web series will remain in the minds of the fans for a long time. Convincing a fan in a two-hour film is often impossible. But a web series will savour the fans eventually. This is the sole difference I find between a web series and a movie. However, I had an experience of shooting for a movie while working in web series. I will wait and watch if there is any difference of experience in my upcoming web series in near future.”

“I have started acting again after almost six years. Earlier every year one kind of cinema would be trending. Nowadays the trend changes every three months. Fans’ tastes are changing. Before we grasp the current trend, and then start working on it, there comes a new trend. So, I see a vast difference in the trend after 6 years. Of course, I blame myself for such a long gap.”

“Just like I approached Director Arunraja Kamaraj and got this opportunity, I should have done it before with my other friends in the circle. It took some time to realise that only such motives and approach will take us to the next level. We cannot be sure that all the doors that we knock will be opened, but at least some doors will open to your request. But we shouldn’t stop knocking.”

The entire shooting of this web series was completed by Arunraja Kamaraj in 70 days. This is comparatively less than a film’s shoot, but to see that such a long series has been filmed in a short span of time, surprises me a lot. Especially, Director Arunraja Kamaraj was so cool and composed at the shooting spot without getting tensed or pressurised under any situation. Although it’s an action-packed movie, the shooting was done with lots of jolliness and fun.

Cinematographer Dinesh Krishnan has done a remarkable job with his visuals, and Sam CS has elevated the entire web series with his powerful score. Undoubtedly, he is the most spellbinding music director with extraordinary BGMs and is a boon to Tamil film industry.

Following label series, I am now playing the led role in Tamil movie titled ‘Kannadasan’. I am again playing a police officer character in this movie. This has a different story premise and is directed by Sugan Kumar, who hasn’t worked as assistant to any directors before.

I was approached for Kannadasan movie while shooting for LABEL series and I was totally astonished. But I have showcased different mannerisms and body languages for these movies.

Usually, we have seen many actors having a breakthrough after playing cop roles in their career. And I am now keeping my fingers crossed, expecting the same. I am again acting in a web series after completing ‘Kannadasan’ movie, and the shooting has already started.

There is a general saying that in film industry, one movie will win, other will lose and another earn you reputation. I have now realized it, and decided to act consistently without taking any breaks. More than waiting for good opportunities, I have started believing that its better to take up the opportunities that I come across.

There is a philosophical statement that we can find the things at the place, where we lost it. I am working towards it.

As a director, Suresh Kamatchi sir gave me a movie like ‘Miga Miga Avasaram’ that has now completed four years, and is making good waves even now. I’m waiting again to act under his direction.

It’s a great support to have a person like Suresh Kamatchi sir as a pillar in the industry.”