‘Search’, ‘Unlock’, and ‘Download’ Buttons Tower Over Chennai: Is the City Embracing a Digital Detox?


‘Search’, ‘Unlock’, and ‘Download’ Buttons Tower Over Chennai: Is the City Embracing a Digital Detox?

 Chennai, the bustling metropolis on the south-eastern coast of India, is witnessing a remarkable sight as towering ‘Search’, ‘Unlock’, and ‘Download’ buttons in prominent locations such as Marina Beach, Koyambedu Bus Stand, Arumbakkam Metro, Vadapalani SIMS Hospital. This discovery has captured the attention and raised questions about the growing influence of digital technology on our daily lives. This is two days after something similar was witnessed in the IT city of Bengaluru.

The juxtaposition of these buttons against the backdrop of garbage dumps has led to social media platforms buzzing with debates as individuals exchange ideas and speculations regarding the importance and meaning of these peculiar buttons. It is worth mentioning that terms such as ‘download’, ‘unlock’ and ‘search’ are quite integral in the world of internet and mobile technology.

The interesting way the buttons are placed has made people wonder if it’s a way to take a break from digital devices or if it’s a big change in digital technology. People in Chennai are excited to find out what will happen and they’re talking and guessing about how the city will affect the future of technology in the country.

1.Marina Beach 1 – Photo Caption:      After Bengaluru, is Chennai on a digital cleanliness spree? What are the ‘Unlock’, ‘Download’, and ‘Search’ buttons doing in Chennai’s trash? These buttons have been found in Marina Beach, Koyambedu Bus Stand, and Chennai Central, and are generating huge curiosity among the passersby. The picture shown above has been taken at Marina Beach. What unseen dimensions of our digital existence do they represent?