Kamal Haasan – Suriya – Karthi – Vishal – Pa.Ranjith – Karthik Subbaraj: Kollywood stars voice against Cinematograph Act 2021


Kamal Haasan – Suriya – Karthi – Vishal – Pa.Ranjith – Karthik Subbaraj : Kollywood stars voice against Cinematograph Act 2021

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry had sought comments from people on the Draft Cinematograph (Amendment) Bill, 2021 by July 2. The bill proposes to amend the Cinematograph Act of 1952 with provisions that empower the Centre with revisionary powers and revoke a certificate granted to a film by the CBFC under certain conditions.
Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan was the first from the Tamil film fraternity to have opposed provisions in the draft Cinematograph (Amendment) Bill, 2021 and urged people to voice concern for “freedom and liberty”. Now, actor like Suriya, Karthi, Vishal and directors Karthik Subbaraj, Pa Ranjith have also expressed their opinions on the Cinematograph Act.

Kamal Haasan posted, “Cinema, media and the literati cannot afford to be the three iconic monkeys of India. Seeing, hearing and speaking of impending evil is the only medication against attempts to injure and debilitate democracy. Please act, voice your concern for freedom and liberty.”

Karthi posted, “The Cinematograph (Amendment) Bill 2021 (Draft) allowing the Central Government to cancel a film’s censor certificate at any time will create insecurity and severly impact business prospects for every film and hurt the industry, hence such provisions must be dropped. While draft measures to curb piracy are commendable, it is highly undesirable to strangle freedom of expression in a civilized society as ours. Therefore request the goverment to heed our request.”

Actor Suriya’s post in Tamil translates to, “The law is to protect freedom of expression. not to strangle its voice.”

Karthik Subbaraj posted, “The proposed amendment to the Cinematograph Act, if implemented will be a big blow to freedom of Speech in Art. Pls endorse the statement to show that we stand for the Freedom of expression.”

Director Pa Ranjith posted, “The amendment to the #cinematographact2021, proposed by the union Government follows their overall position of curtailing dissent and sets a dangerous precedent in stifling freedom of thought and speech in cinema. We demand that this amendment be revoked.”

Vishal posted, Where is Freedom of Speech & Expression ? Why have a Censor Board ? Why the Hectic Process ? Why always target Cinema Industry ? First GST, Then no action against Piracy & Now this Law, It’s not at all Fair to bring this Act..