Debut filmmaker Sri Vetri’s ‘Narkarappor’ throws lights on deplorable and harsh realities of sanitation workers


Debut filmmaker Sri Vetri’s ‘Narkarappor’ throws lights on deplorable and harsh realities of sanitation workers

Debut filmmaker Sri Vetri, who has gained experience working as an assistant director under the guidance of renowned directors such as H. Vinoth and Rajapandi is embarking on his directorial journey with the film ‘Narkarappor’. The preparations for the film’s release are progressing rapidly.

The transformation of an individual from a scavenging society to a ‘Grand Master’ and the obstacles encountered along the path to achieving their aspirations have been depicted as a captivating sports drama in the film ‘Narkarappor’. Director Sri Vetri skillfully portrays the struggles faced by sanitation workers and highlights the government’s apathy towards their well-being. Through this poignant narrative, he expresses his disappointment and foresees a future where such system of unjust authoritarians will be shattered.

Shedding lights not this film, and the relevance of Chess Game with the historical realities, director Sri Vetri says, “The ‘quad war’ resembles a chess game that has persisted for centuries, with the white pieces symbolizing politics, the upper caste, wealth, sports, and the black pieces representing the deceived, the oppressed, the economically disadvantaged, and those subjected to caste-based discrimination.”

He continues to add, “Despite the remarkable advancements in technology that have enabled us to send rockets to Mars, the unsightly issue of human excrement continues to persist in India. Regrettably, there seems to be a reluctance to invest in or acquire appropriate technologies from foreign nations to address this problem. The governing authorities firmly believe that the responsibility of waste and garbage disposal is assigned to certain individuals based on their caste, further devastating the situation.

Data indicates that over 200 sanitation workers lost their lives in India in 2017. Despite this, the legislation ensuring proper protection and gear for sanitation workers remains merely theoretical. To date, no individual in India has faced conviction for hiring sanitation workers without the necessary safety equipment.

We partake in the festivities, celebrations, and gatherings with a sense of accomplishment. However, amidst our joy, we often overlook the hardships faced by sanitation workers. These sanitation workers, who have dedicated 10-12 years of their lives to cleaning human waste, continue their work tirelessly even in the face of life-threatening situations such as storms, floods, rains, natural disasters, oil spills in the Chennai sea, and even during the deadly coronavirus pandemic that has taken the lives of many.

Day by day, the pressuring restrictions that increase on the workers, the social pressures, the economic burdens, and the materialistic conditions that burden their minds, will eventually provoke this oppressed society, thereby breaking the rule of tyrannical authority.”

Feeling powerless and burdened by guilt within this community, I take pride in my position as the cornerstone for many through the film ‘Narkarappor’. The moment for transformation has arrived.”