Actress Sona plays another lead role in her biographical web series ‘SMOKE’


Actress Sona plays another lead role in her biographical web series ‘SMOKE’

Actress Sona, a prominent icon in the South Indian film industry, is venturing into the realm of directing with the web series ‘SMOKE’, set to be available for streaming on the Shortflix OTT platform. Drawing inspiration from her own life experiences, the series is planned to unfold across several seasons. As the filming for ‘SMOKE SEASON 1’ nears completion, Sona, now wearing the hat of a director, has announced that she will be portraying her own character in the series.

The character posters of the actors portraying Sona at different ages have been revealed by the makers, with Adhini as the 5-year-old, Janani as the 14-year-old, and Aastha Abhay as the 30-year-old version, receiving an overwhelming response. The latest announcement from Uniq Productions with the new character poster confirms that actress Sona will embody her character in this web series.

Actress Sona, sharing the news, says, “In a life filled with smokey dreams, to unknown places or situations where life took me, not knowing, what to exactly be.
I direct and was a part of it all, as I tell my story, to questions asked, or questions forgotten, truth hidden or truth untold. Come into my life and visit me.
Sona in and as Sona.”

Uniq Productions is the creator of Smoke, which will be available for streaming on the Shorflix OTT platform during the upcoming summer season.