Actress Deepshika signs 5 movies even before her debut film release


Actress Deepshika signs 5 movies even before her debut film release

Tamil cinema is consistently witnessing the arrival of at least 50 new actresses every year. However, very few among them manage to retain this opportunity and make use of it efficiently, thereby elevating their career graph.

Nonetheless, there are few actresses, who steal the spotlights even before the release of their debut movie but getting signed in many projects. Actress Deepshika is the latest one to join this league.

It’s been a written theory that women from Tamil Nadu hardly opt for acting career. Even if they attempt to make it bigger, the scenario is always unfavorable to them, and they bid adieu to this showbiz journey. In contrast, Deepshika has broken this myth by signing 3 Tamil movies and 3 Telugu movies in a single year. She is simultaneously working in this half dozen projects, which has surprised the entire movie industry. What’s so intriguing is lyricist Vairamuthu himself appreciating the great effort personally by calling her on phone.

Born and brought up in Chennai, Deepshika had the red carpets from film industry spread out for her even before she wanted to knock the doors. Director Panneer Selvam of Renigunta and Karuppan fame was looking out for a perfect actress for his project, and he came across the spellbinding performance of Deepshika during the auditions. She has now completed shooting for this project and her characterization is more like a vigorous and lively like a butterfly.

Apart from this movie, she is currently shooting for a movie starring Vikram Prabhu in the lead role. The film is produced by Potential Studios, one of the prestigious production houses of Tamil cinema that had churned out emblematic movies like Maaya, Maanagaram and many movies. She appears in a character that encapsulates surprise and twist elements together.

Apart from working in Tamil movies, she is simultaneously working in Telugu movies as well. One among them is a movie of great expectations, which is bankrolled by a leading production house. Having completed the foreign schedule, she is currently shooting for new schedule in Hyderabad. It is an emotional romantic drama, and is shaping up elegantly. Furthermore, Deepshika has played the female lead opposite Telugu actor Naveen Chandra, and has already completed shooting her portions. Her Telugu project is in active status and she keeps her fingers crossed for the success of these movies.

While her calenders are busy with movie projects, she was signed to be a part of Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu’s remarkable album of Naatpadu Theral album. Each song from this album is directed by eminent filmmakers of the industry. Deepshika has played a dance teacher role in one of the songs from this album titled Kesaathi Paadham. Vairamuthu has penned the lyrics based on the metaphorical comparison of a woman’s physique with nature. The song is directed by Bharath of Thalapathy Vijay starrer Bairavaa fame. After completing the shooting, Deepshika actually forgot this project, and was struck by heavy surprise, when she had Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu calling her up on phone and appreciating her fabulous performance. This became an unbelievable moment for Deepshika.

She says, “I was walking out of the theaters after watching Maanadu, where I recieved a call from unknown number. Vairamuthu sir introduced himself by his name, and I was frozen in complete astonishment, and was doubtful if someone is playing prank on me…

But later, I realized it’s the legend himself, and I was speechless for minutes. He appreciated me stating that I have breathed soul into the song of Kesaathi Paadham song, by exhibiting my earnest performance. He wished me stating that I would scale great heights in Tamil cinema. I was spellbound over his humble gesture of appreciating me. I am very much elated that my work is recognised and applauded by a great legend like Vairamuthu sir.”