50th Day Celebration Event of Sasikumar starrer ‘Ayothi’


50th Day Celebration Event of Sasikumar starrer ‘Ayothi’

Humanity is the best religion that has to be followed! Such a beautiful message conveyed by the movie ‘Ayothi’ captured everyone’s hearts. The film, produced by Trident Arts R. Ravindran is directed by Manithra Moorthy. Ayothi features Sasikumar, Yashpal Sharma, and Preethi Asrani in the titular characters. The film won heartwarming response from the audiences and tremendous reviews from the critics as well, thereby touching a commendable milestone of 50-days theatrical run.

Marking the grand success of this film, the makers honoured the entire team of actors and technicians for their earnest dedication and hard work towards this film. The occasion witnessed the presence of many eminent personalities from the industry.

Here are some excerpts from the event…

Actress Rohini said, “This movie is an essential piece of work that has arrived at the right time. This film has imparted a beautiful message to love like Mother Nature. I thank everyone for appreciating this movie and making the entire team feel gleeful with the success. My thanks and wishes to producer Ravindran sir for believing in this movie, and Sasikumar sir for standing beside him as a support. My wishes to the entire team for the sincere hard work.”

Actor Ashwin Kumar said, “When I was shooting for Sembi, I got to hear the script of Ayothi and asked Ravi sir if I can act in this movie. But he told that Sasi sir is going to act, and he would be perfect for this character. I am sure that none other than Sasi sir would have pulled off this role excellently. In real life, Sasi sir is a nice person who treats everyone equally. He left everyone in tears with his performance in climax. My heartiest congratulations to Sasikumar sir, director Manthira Moorthy and the entire team for the grand success!”

Actor Rajesh said, “When I came across the title ‘Ayothi’, I assumed it to be a religion based movie. I happened to watch the film when my friend Raghunanthan invited, and I was spellbound. It gave an experience of watching a Hollywood movie. Humanity is a must to be followed ritual rather than sticking to caste and religion. This movie has imparted this beautiful message. All the actors have delivered beautiful performances in the movie. When Sasikumar reveals his name in the climax, it was an eye-moistening moment. My wholehearted thanks to the entire team for gifting a beautiful movie.”

Actor Shanthnu said, “I have attended this event on behalf of my father (K Bhagyaraj) as he is not well today. When the film was released, he asked me to watch it without fail and kept appreciating it. Recently, I got the opportunity to watch this movie. It is such a wonderful film. While many movie teams are celebrating their film’s success on the third day itself, it’s so heartwarming to see the organic 50th Day celebration of this movie. Sasikumar Anna looks befittingly perfect for this role. My heartiest congrats to the entire team.”

Director Suresh Krishna said, “This theater lets me revisit lots of good memories. Annamalai and Baasha successfully crossed 25th week in this theater. These days, a movie successfully completing 50th Day run in the theater has become a rare scenario, which is now accomplished by Ayothi. I congratulate Trident Arts Ravindran for trusting this project and producing it, that too with a debut filmmaker. I also congratulate the entire team for trusting on the project that it will become a great success. Sasikumar told that story is the hero here and it’s true. Manithra Moorthy has showcased his directorial adroitness that is usually owned by an experienced filmmaker. Yashpal had acted in Aalavandhan, and he has done a remarkable job in this movie. The little girl has left us spellbound with her performance. Language is never a barrier for a movie. I wish the entire team on celebrating their success.”

Actor Thaman said, “I thank Moorthy sir, Ravi sir and Sasikumar sir for making me a part of such a great movie. This movie will move the hearts of everyone even if watched after 10 years from now. This movie deserves 100th Day in the theaters, and I will meet you all on that occasion as well. Thank You.”

Actress Preethi Asrani said, “I thank you all for the appreciations and positive reviews. It’s a blessing to get such an opportunity in Tamil industry with the debut movie itself. I thank Moorthy sir, Ravindran sir, and Sasikumar sir for the great opportunity. Ayothi movie has proved that humanity is a language that speaks beyond the boundaries. Let us all follow it. Thank You.”

Actor Yashpal Sharma said, “Your love and support are bigger than any prestigious award. I thank director for making me a part of this project. Sasikumar and I have become great friends now. I thank him for his lovely support. This movie was filmed amidst lots of challenges during the covid times. This is the best movie in my career till now. Thank you.”

Trident Arts Ravindran said, “Everyone has appreciated this film. I thank everyone for your love and support for this movie. This success has instilled in me the confidence and hope to produce many movies like this. Thank You.”

Director Manithra Moorthy said, “After the film’s release, many told that it’s a right movie at the right time, and I am glad that it has happened through me. I thank God and Nature for this lovely gift for me. My humble thanks to parents as I haven’t given a single penny to my house, and still they didn’t expect or question on this.. I thank my guru Balaji Arul sir, who is no more with me. If not for Sasikumar sir, this movie would have not been possible. Although he didn’t have prominence in few scenes, he would gladly step aside, thereby letting other actors perform it. Yashpal and Preethi delivered promising performances in this movie. Everyone in the team treated this movie as their own. I thank the press and media for taking this movie to all the public and making it successful. I thank Ravindran sir for encouraging me to make this movie.”

Director-Actor Samuthirakani said, “In the recent times, Sasikumar and I haven’t been catching up often as before. We used to discuss a lot about our projects when we meet. He told me about Ayothi during that time. There are movies that will be appreciated for 10-20 years, and this one will be celebrated till the existence of Tamil cinema. Many from the Telugu industry asked about this film, and I gladly told that it’s my friend Sasikumar in the lead, and it is produced by my brother. It was a proud moment for me. This film has crossed beyond the boundaries and linguistic barriers. This movie must be directly released in Hindi and will definitely witness success. Manthira Moorthy has proved his adroitness in his debut movie itself. In real life, Sasikumar is no different from the character he has played in this movie. He is just a lovely and good-hearted human. Yashpal Sharma and Preethi have done a remarkable performance. This film will continue to have its successful run in the theaters.”

Director Sasikumar said, “Since the film’s OTT rights were sold, the movie had to be released in the theaters at the earliest, and hence, it arrived without any big promotions. However, Ravindran sir assured of getting as much as possible for the release. Many didn’t know about the film’s release indeed. But with the great appreciations and reviews of the press and media, people started noticing the film, and started celebrating it. I understood the depth and intensity of this film, when Manthira Moorthy narrated the script. I desperately wanted to screen this film to Mahendran and Balu Mahendra sir, if they were alive. Mahendran sir had made a movie titled ‘Nandu’, where the Hindi characters would speak in the own language. However, the producer didn’t agree to it, and he had to delete those scenes. I believe his soul would have rested in peace watching this movie. Many appreciated after watching the film. Rajini sir lauded the movie. My friend-actor Simbu personally called and appreciated me. Ayothi has proved what a good film can do. You have all imparted a great lesson on what kind of movies I must select and do hereafter. Thank you all!”