Renowned Artist AP Shreethar’s Museum unfolded by Puducherry CM Rangaswamy


Renowned Artist AP Shreethar’s Museum unfolded by Puducherry CM Rangaswamy

AP Shreethar is Known for his wonders in the field of art worldwide. His works include Vintage camera, Click Art, 3D Drawing, Wax Statue and many more.

Now unveiling his new chapter has come out as a Museum, a new landmark in Pondicherry’s White Town. Named as, ‘Wonders of White Town’ the museum was opened by Hon’ble Chief Minister, Shri. N. Rangaswamy on the eve of the auspicious festival of Harvest.

Located at Villa Kouga, No. 9, Rue Suffren, Pondicherry- 605001, the Wonders of White Town is the brainchild of the Museum Man of India, AP. Shreethar; with the aid of Mr. Gugan.

Established to be a kaleidoscope of art and wonder, the institution is designed by architect Ar. Akilan R is host to three unique museums: The Live Art Museum, Teddy Museum, and Fish Museum.

Going beyond the confines of wax, the Live Art Museum offers visitors the opportunity to dive into a curated showcase of hyper-realistic silicone figurines, sculpted after the likes of world-renowned personalities. From the world’s tallest man to a larger-than-life bust of Mahatma Gandhi, the Live Art Museum presents a spellbinding sphere of matchless innovation.

Teddy Museum, on the other hand, is a celebration of global traditional fashion and childhood nostalgia through humanity’s favourite stuffed toy. The beloved Teddy Bear is reimagined as the primary representative of traditional style and grandeur. Teddy-sized mannequins await to greet you in handcrafted garments from around the world; inviting every viewer to explore the enchanting blend of art, toys, and fashion.

Meanwhile, the Fish Museum is a surreal underwater experience like no other; featuring a diverse community of exotic fish varieties that have been chosen as the canvases for thought-provoking pieces of art.

Puducherry CM N Rangaswamy opened the museum and wished Artist AP Shreethar and his team for their work. Adding up he said, “The statues of renowned leaders look excellent. The museum set up in Puducherry is a great gesture. Tourists, Students, Children, Youth have got the opportunity to visit this museum. This museum with more artistic wonders will attract tourists. The Puducherry government is promoting Tourism on a grand scale. The museum has now become an added example for the same which is great for us too.”