Thaarai, wife of Vali, a woman of wisdom and noble qualities

Thiru Desiyamani Era Ramasamybeing welcomed by Sri Ramakrishna Math Manager, Swami Vimurtanandaji.

Vivekananda Cultural Centre and Chennai 2000 Plus Trust, in association with Triplicane Cultural Academy, presented the second lecture as part of Ithihaasa Paathirangal  on Thaarai by Thiru Desiyamani Era Ramasamy at Vivekananda House (Vivekanandar Illam), Triplicane, Chennai, recently.

The series Ithihaasa Paathirangal, presentation of a character from Ramayana or Mahabharata every month, was inaugurated in July 2016. The last programme featured Thaarai, wife of Vali, a woman of wisdom and noble qualities, who could advise Vali, though he did not heed it leading to his downfall.

The programme is held on the fourth Sunday of every month at the Vivekananda Cultural Centre near the Marina. All are welcome.

Chennai 2000 Plus Trust organizes programmes and events in various parts of Chennai to highlight the antiquity and historicity of Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu.

Ithihaasa Paathirangal series brings to the fore several minor characters in these epics who have an important role to play but about whom there is not enough focus. Very often, story telling is revolved around Rama, Sita and Ravana, or Krishna, Arjun, Karna and Draupadi. However, there are many minor characters who are fascinating, who have their own story to tell. These characters will be presented during the Ithihaasa Paathirangal series.