Nalla Oru Sedhi varum – Corona Awareness Song


Nalla Oru Sedhi varum – Corona Awareness single | ‘Yaar’ Kannan | C. Sathya | Meenakshi Elayaraja

Description :
“Nalla Oru Sethi Varum” is a Corona awareness single, set in a situation where a Tamil rural women emote her feelings & echo the sufferings faced by the people from down south of Tamilnadu, during the lockdown arisen due to COVID19 pandemic. Though she faces numerous hurdles, in the end, she stays with strong & positive hope, that the ‘good news will arrive’ bringing back the normalcy soon.

Concept & Lyric : ‘Yaar’ Kannan
Composed by : C. Sathya
Singer : Meenakshi Elayaraja
Visual Compilation & Editing : J. Rajgovind
Sound mixed & mastered by : Who’s a Goodboi


நல்ல ஒரு சேதி வரும் (கொரோனா விழிப்புணர்வு பாடல்)