SPOTRUSH App to help people in medical emergencies


SPOTRUSH App to help people in medical emergencies

As life is uncertain and anything can happen to anyone at any time, everybody must take precautions and be prepared to face uncertainties.

An initiative taken by Dr. M. Kumaran and Jerome Antony Das to launch a free app on any android or iPhone to bridge the information gap between the patient care providers. The app ensures the right information is at hand to take the right decision during a medical emergency. The aim is to try and save lives.

People are not aware of what steps are to be taken in a medical emergency. Should they drive to the nearest hospital that might or might not be able to handle this emergency? Should they call an ambulance? How long will the ambulance take? Will the patient be able to hold on till help arrives in cases of bleeding, burns and scalds, breathing difficulties, seizures, severe pain, heart attack, stroke, sudden collapse, electrocution, bites or stings.

“Our mission is to save people’s lives in emergency situation, especially isolated old age people and physically disabled people who depend on others”, says Dr. Kumaran while talking about the purpose of the app.

Locating the right medical professional who is available in the shortest period of time is perhaps the most important task at hand during this critical period. With this in mind, Dr. M. Kumaran and Mr. Jerome Antony Das together devised ‘SPOTRUSH’ to deal with any medical emergencies, a user-friendly app.

The app has the ability to identify the exact coordinates and location of the patient and connect them to various physicians, hospitals, ER departments, across Chennai. The app was launched on Friday in the city. Consul General of Malayasia (Trade) Muzzafar Shah Hanafi appeared as the chief guest at the event. It also allows the patients and care givers to know the type of hospital, their specialisation, availability of in-house experienced doctors, their schedules, etc. It was an attempt to substitute an ambulance from a nearby hospital or the long, arduous process of calling the hospital, connecting through operator and explaining the situation to let patients and counterparts be free from going through administrative task and hospital executives can get all the relevant information about the patient directly from the app.

Sinsan Infotechs developed the app with roadmap to add a suite of additional features that will enhance the experience of every user in the days to come.

The app is currently operational all across Chennai and its suburbs, and the company plans to extend its presence to other towns and cities in Tamil Nadu and then across India in a phased manner.

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