Madurai’s Meenakshi Mission Hospital launches campaign for equality in medical access and quality of treatment


· The ‘Aram Seiydhu Pazhagu’ campaign calls for providing
similar access and treatment to everyone because suffering inflicted
by a disease doesn’t differentiate between people

· As part of the campaign, the Meenakshi Mission Hospital has
extended its programs to Chennai for free treatment to children with
cancer and cleft lip and palate

CHENNAI / October 23, 2016 – The 1,000-bed Meenakshi Mission Hospital,
Madurai, has initiated a statewide campaign to highlight the
importance of erasing differences between rich and poor as well as
urbanites and rural people in terms of access to healthcare and
quality of treatment.

The campaign, called Aram Seiydhu Pazhagu (“Giving begins with you”),
was formally launched by noted producer Kalaippuli S. Thanu, film
director Seenu Ramasamy, producer Kathiresan, actor Vijay Sethupathi
and actress Trisha Krishnan, in the presence of Meenakshi Mission
Hospital Chairman Dr. S Gurushankar and several patients whose life
was transformed through several charity programs run by the hospital.

As part of the campaign, the Meenakshi Mission Hospital, Madurai, has
extended its programs to Chennai for free treatment to children with
cancer or those born with cleft lip and palate. Now, any child or
infant from the city has access to free treatment for these diseases
in Madurai. The hospital has conducted more than 10,000 cleft lip and
palate surgeries free of cost till now, and is a leader in pediatric
oncology in Tamil Nadu.

Talking about the rationale behind the campaign, Dr. S Gurushankar,
Chairman, Meenakshi Mission Hospital, said: “The farther we are
progressing in medical science, the more we are losing the human touch
in treatment. Today’s healthcare system has become impersonal and
detached from the patient. We look at ‘treatment’ from two different
angles. One, how do we treat the disease? Two, how we treat the
individual patient? We found the answer to these questions in the
timeless phrase aram seiya virumbu (“have the intent to do the right
deeds”) from the classic Tamil work ‘Aathichudi.’ And so was born the
philosophy “Aram Seiydhu Pazhagu, the line tweaked to show that ‘doing
the right thing’ is not merely a sentiment for doctors; it is their
sworn duty. The campaign inspires the medical fraternity to not just
provide service in good faith, but to do so in the spirit of goodness
and spread the message of selfless service to the public at large.”

Added Dr. Gurushankar: “Disease is democratic. It doesn’t
differentiate between people and the suffering it brings affects
everyone the same. There is however a great gap in access to
healthcare and quality of treatment between rich and poor, and city
dwellers and villagers. While one enjoys quality medical care, the
other has to make do with substandard and antiquated facilities. The
need of the moment is to erase these differences and create a reality
of equality in medical access and treatment. This is the wish,
objective and ultimate aim of our new philosophy of Aram Seiydhu

On the occasion, five videos showcasing real-life stories of patients
who have been treated over the years through the most famous charity
programmes of the Meenakshi Mission Hospital – including hospice care,
free cancer treatment for children, telemedicine and free cleft flip
and palate surgery –were launched on the occasion. The beneficiaries,
mostly from underprivileged backgrounds, were gifted a cheque of Rs 1
lakh each by Dr. S Gurushankar, Chairman, Meenakshi Mission Hospital,
for their financial empowerment and well-being.

Commissioned by the hospital and filmed by noted film director Sudha
Kongara, the videos showcase real-life stories of what can be achieved
when modern healthcare is provided to all in the spirit of “doing the
right thing.” They will help spread the message of providing medical
services to all patients with a human touch and in good faith to
promote the wellbeing of all.