Lakshminarayana International Award presented to TN Krishnan


Lakshminarayana International Award presented to TN Krishnan

Chennai, Lakshminarayana  International Award presented to TN Krishnan at the 29th Year of Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival 2020 held in Chennai at RasikaRanjaniSabha, Chennai.

Cine actress, dancer and former MP Vyjayanthimala presented the award to TN Krishnan in the presence of N. Murali, President, Music Academy,  L. Subramaniam, Viji Krishnan.
TN Krishnan, Viji Krishnan enthralled the audience with their performance.

Viji and Dr. L. Subramaniam started LGMF in 1992 in memory of his father, mentor and guru Prof. V. Lakshminarayana. This year’s LGMF is a musical tribute to Mahatma Gandhi to celebrate his 150th birth year and it was a great success. LGMF helps to preserve and nurture Indian classical music for posterity. LGMF through global collaborations have taken special initiatives to inspire future generations of musicians to gain knowledge of different genres of music.

The Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival is an opportunity for the future generations to learn from maestros from around the world.

Dr. L. Subramaniam said, “Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival (LGMF) brings together the world’s greatest artists on one platform to spread awareness on global cultures to India and on Indian classical music abroad, globally”.

A Jugalbandhi performance between Violin Maestro Dr. L. Subramaniam and Debashish Bhattacharya on Slide Guitar.

Dr. L. Subramaniam is the only musician who has performed/recorded Carnatic Classical Music, Western Classical Music, both Orchestral and non-Orchestral.

Debashish Bhattacharya is an Indian classical musician, singer, composer, introducer of first Slide Guitar Syllabus of the world.