La Flair Official Website launched at HUB, ECR


La Flair Official Website launched at HUB, ECR

Elitediningis a Chennai based private limited company passionately driven by a network of professionals with vast experience and expertise in hospitality, restaurant, fine cateringand other businesses related to good things of life!

From Elite Dining, comes La’Flaira succinct, user-friendly Mobile App, providing its dining subscribers a descriptive, informative, self-navigating, service platform offering various guaranteed discounts in food and entertainment arena,all set to launch 42 cities PAN India.

Be it atstar hotels, fine dining and upscale restaurants, bistros, coffee shops, resto bars, pubs, La’Flair is truly handyon all compatible platforms including Apple IOS, Android, and Windows. If you want to enjoy the benefits from the comfort of your home or office, you can also click away to your happiness on our web application too!

Based on Business-to-Customer (B2C), La’Flairis unique and it is designed in facilitating customers not just enabling themto relish the best of delicacies in very fine dining restaurants across the country, but also by providing immense value for money. Our loyalty based subscription program offers never-seen-before coolest deals and guaranteed discounts, value added services, exclusively crafted for our members.

La’Flair is currently on the path of adding 3000 fine dining joints, around 1250 star and high-end luxury hotels and thousands of many other service providers located across the nation.

The La’Flair Story: It’s all about Food!

The founder of La’Flair, Raj Gupta and co-founder SaranyaSelvapandiyanis exactly the duo what you would expect the business partners to be –focused, passionate, quirky, obsession for qualityand their sights trained on the huge success of La’Flair.

As the adage goes, reality is stranger than fiction and so does the story of Raj, an expat and Saranya, a marketing professional. Circa August 2015,it all started in a cozy coffee shop in Guindy, Chennai when Raj nonchalantly asked Saranya, a fellow customer on the next table to fill in a feedback form based on the food industry.

Saranyaa curious and willing to learn marketing professional not just agreed to share feedback but over subsequent meetings also joined Raj in bringing out one-of-its-kind food based mobile application in India.

Thus started their association from sharing ideas to computing numbers, charting business plan to strategy designs, exploring food industry in India and to enjoying an eclectic mix of delicacies, backed by relentless passion to come up with a unique, never-seen-before mobile application for the foodies. Viola! La’Flair was born.

In the last two years, Raj and Saranya silently worked-in-tandem through their way into understanding the food industry in India, waded through many questions from merchants and customers alike, and withstood countless number of challenges that came their way.

For Raj Gupta, a trained commercial pilot and an expert in setting up various Indian restaurants and bistros across USA, La’Flair is like a dream come true. Raj has so far helped more than 22 Indian food joints to come across United States of Amercia, was always appalled the way Indian food and hospitality industry functions.

“While coming up with these restaurants, I used to make several visits to India as a consultant and the gaps within the food industry especially, failing to deliver what customers need would sadden me. These differences in the service industry need to be bridged and we should live up to the fast changing, lifestyle changes of the Indian youth.La’Flair is ‘Loyalty Redefined.”

And for Saranya, being a co-founder of La’Flair was like a great opportunity offered to her on a platter. The twenty-plus-something with marketing background from MNCs believes La’Flair is must-have app on the mobiles of young, trendy India. If put crisply; La’Flair is a value for money as you save it even while spending.

Why La’Flair:

La’Flair is a very distinctive Mobile App in every sense. We agree that there is no dearth of various Apps and membership programs dealing with food and entertainment in India, but these offers extended are very limited,confined usually to non-peak hours or just a fortnight in a year or during few food festivals.

With India’s Food and Beverage service industry witnessing an unprecedented growth in the last few years and all set to contribute 2.1 per cent to the total GDP of India by 2021, La’Flairis offering a very different approach to the ease of doing business to the hoteliers, restaurant owners and other food industry service providers.

Our strategies are innovative and help you to renovate the entire business structure through ensuring direct contact with the customers, more footfalls, providing huge member database, aggressive sales strategies, free marketing collaterals and much more.

Simultaneously, our loyal subscribers too will enjoy abundant discounts encouraging them to go for a culinary ride to the best of places PAN India.

The Vision:

La’Flair has many long term goals to revolutionize and refurbish the scene of dining out in India and we have already achieved our stepping stone by adding best of hotel brands and standalone upscale dining establishments into our fold.

There are many milestones to come and conquer. And we are doing just that!