Department of Atomic Energy , Kalpakkam Centre has various units functioning at Kalpakkam like Madras Atomic Power Station , Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research ( IGCAR ) , Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor ( under construction by BHAVINI ) , BARC Facilities , Fast reactor Fuel Cycle Facility ( under construction ) , etc . This Centre conducts the Site Emergency Exercise every year as a part of Its Emergency Preparedness plan . This exercise was conducted today on 21 / 10 / 2019 .

The objective of this exercise Is to check the preparedness of Kalpakkam DAE Centre and the Plant Management in meeting any remote emergency situation , despite the fact that such an occurrence is most unlikely In a Nuclear Power Plant because of the ” Defence in Depth ” philosophy In the design and operation of the plant .

The conduct of this exercise is overseen by the Kalpakkam Emergency Committee ( KEC ) headed by Shri M . Srinivas , Station Director , Madras Atomic Power Station who is also the site Emergency Director . This exercise was conducted as an unannounced ( surprise ) exercise .

The exercise was conducted as laid down in the Emergency Manual of Kalpakkam DAE Centre and demonstrated the following major response actions:

* Sheltering of site personnel in their respective units .

* Mock . decontamination of ‘ injured ‘ person

* Administration of Chocolates ( notlonally in place of Stable iodine tablets ) to the personnel as a protective action .

* Evacuation of all non – essential personnel out of the site . – Mock decontamination of a contaminated vehicle within the site.

Senior officials from Kalpakkam DAE Centre units including Directors of IGCAR , BHAVINI and BARC Facilities and Observer from Atomic Energy Regulatory Board observed the conduct of the exercise . The exercise Involved participation of more than 8000 personnel in the site and around 3500 personnel were evacuated by departmental buses while the remaining persons evacuated by their own vehicles . The evacuation of the site personnel was accomplished within a time span of 2 hours . The entire site emergency exercise was completed in 3 1/2 hours .

The exercise was successful in meeting the requirements stipulated by AERB for emergency preparedness at nuclear facilities . It has also enhanced the confidence in the capabilities of the Department of Atomic Energy in handling any events at nuclear facilities .

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