Geojit launches digital platform for Retirement Planning


Geojit launches digital platform for Retirement Planning

Geojit Financial Services, a leading investment services company today (06 April) launched a premium online platform that enables its clients to plan, execute and monitor the entire gamut of financial planning.

It was formally launched by Milind Barve, the Managing Director of HDFC Asset Management Company, the country’s largest asset management company in the presence of A. P. Kurian, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Geojit, R Bupathy, Independent Director of the Board of Directors of Geojit, Satish Menon, Executive Director of Geojit and Jeevan Kumar K C, Head of Investment Advisory Services of Geojit. 

The user-friendly platform is called Geojit Online Financial Planning and allows a client to do comprehensive financial planning including retirement planning on a single platform without engaging the services of anadvisor. This product, developed by Geojit Technologies Limited, can be accessed by visiting

Commenting on the launch, Milind Barve said, “India is witnessing a structural shift in savings pattern from physical to financial asset class. Within financial savings, the trend of investments in market linked products such as mutual funds is on the rise. While this trend is encouraging, investments linked to important life goals like planning for retirement, kid’s education, etc. is still in its infancy. Further, India is in middle of digital revolution. In this regard, Geojit, with launch of its online financial planning tool, has taken a step in right direction by guiding investors to plan for their future. I compliment Geojit team for taking this initiative.”

P. Kurian said “Geojit in its constant effort to serve the emerging needs of the investor community has today launched a unique financial planning tool that enables investors to plan systematically, execute promptly and efficiently and monitor periodically an investment plan custom-made for each individual or for the family as a whole. In the context of variety of investment instruments available and differing risk profiles of individuals, a holistic planned approach will greatly help the investor to reach his varying investment goals. I am confident that the investor community will make full use of this useful tool.’

Satish Menon stated, “Geojit has spared no effort in the design, testing and roll out of this platform. I am sure that our clients will be able to benefit from an intelligent and user friendly platform.”

The online financial planning service starts with understanding of the personal profile and risk tolerance level of the client. It will then capture his/her investment, income, expense, assets and liabilities details and analyse them. Then one can define his/her life goals. There is also an exclusive retirement planning module which will detail the route to building up a retirement corpus. A detailed plan could be generated which will give a true picture of a client’s financial position and ways to reach the financial goals.

With the aim of achieving optimal returns, the profiled investment tool will help clients choose the ideal funds from among a sea of choices, after carefully assessing the risk profile. This service is available to all clients irrespective of their enrolment for financial planning.

Under Geojit’s Investment Advisory Services umbrella, estate planning service, in association with NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited is also on offer.

The enrolment fee of Geojit Online Financial Planning is Rs.1999, with subsequent renewal priced at Rs.999. There is at present a limited period introductory offer which allows clients to enrol for the service at 50% discount during the first three months.