First anniversary celebration of Madras Sports Trust


First anniversary celebration of Madras Sports Trust

The first anniversary celebration of Madras Sports Trust took place in Anna University Alumni Club in Boat Club on Friday, June 7th 2019.

The invitees strolled in around 7 pm and at around 7.45 pm The chief guest, Director. Bharathiraja arrived followed by Mr. Ravi the owner of Namma Veedu Vasanta Bhavan accompanied by the upcoming hero of Kollywood, Mr. Vasanth Ravi. Mr. Ashwin the Director of Convo joined in the celebration. The other invitees like the coaches and Master. Kabilan the first enrolled member of MST and others joined in.

The program started with the MC for the day Mr. Prince inviting everyone to stand for “thamizh thaai vazhthu” followed by the lighting of the kuthuvilakku by the Chief Guest and the special invitees. Then Ms.Merlyn welcomed the guests of the evening. This was followed by the presentation of the achievements of the MST by Mr. Roy Anand.

Mr. Vinod introduced the chief guest and the other dignitaries who were honored with a shawl and a bouquet. Mr. Vinod then spoke on the humble beginnings of MST and the founder Mr. Roy Varghese. The Chief Guest Director.Bharathiraja started his speech by his customary opening “En Iniya Thamizh Makale” and spoke about how he met Mr.Roy Varghese who is such a humble person and how MST would scale new heights because of the sincere efforts by the founder and his team.

Mr. Ravi the owner of Vasantha Bhavan spoke very encouragingly of the Madras Sports Trust’s initiative of encouraging the sportsmanship of the Govt. school students and also assured of standing by Mr. Roy Varghese the Founder in all his endeavors.

Mr. Vasanth Ravi, our new hero on the block, spoke of how being present in such events and learning of activities of Madras Sports Trust is so inspiring and rejuvenates one’s spirit to face the challenges in life. He too assured MST of his continued support and said that he would be present for the 25th anniversary too.

Mr. Ashwin the Director of Convo in his speech expressed his awe of the Madras Sports Trust’s efforts and immediately assured that he would share a percentage of all his bills and set aside as contribution for MST.

Mr. Roy Varghese, the founder then gave the vote of thanks and expressed how grateful he was to all the dignitaries who made it a point to attend this function amidst all their busy schedule. He spoke what inspired him to begin this project and how Director Bharathiraja stood as a big support to him. Mr.Roy also spoke of how Mr. Paul Pandian, his boss, kept motivating him from the time he expressed his idea to him. He also mentioned that the day happens to be Mr. Paul Pandian’s birthday. Mr. Roy said that from the support that the dignitaries offered he is sure that he can march on boldly and with renewed energy.

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