Edsix Brainlab launches puzzle-based cognitive learning apps

Photo caption : V. Shankar President, TiE, Akhila Rajeshwar Executive Director, Bobby Bedi, Film maker, Saravanan Sundaramurthy, Founder & CEO, EdsixBrainlabs

Edsix Brainlab launches puzzle-based cognitive learning apps

Chennai, Oct 2018: Cheennai based startup company Edsix Brainlab has launched puzzle-based cognitive development through its SkillAngelsTM Cognitive Learning Program for schools. It has also launched BlessedAngel for children with learning difficulties.

Speaking about new launches Saravanan Sundaramurthy, Founder & CEO, EdsixBrainlabs, said, “SkillAngels™ is a comprehensive suite of games that promote puzzle-based learning. Children who have regular sessions with SkillAngels™ puzzles have shown remarkable improvement in their memory, creativity, logical reasoning, and analytical & problem-solving abilities. Intelekts™lets students take puzzle-based learning home with an easy-to-use web or mobile app.

While parents all over the world are concerned about the excessive amount of time their children spend in front of a screen, they can be certain that time spent with Intelekts™ is ‘sensible screen time’ – 30 minutes a day only! Both SkillAngels™ and Intelekts™ provide highly personalised training and allow each child to develop at her own pace. Monitoring and analytics built into both these products provide tangible proof of improvement in a child’s cognitive skills.

Edsix Brainlab™ has also launched products that enable holistic and inclusive cognitive development of tiny tots. With its attractive graphics and easy to follow puzzles, Kinder Angels™ promotes cognitive development in children of ages 3-6. Kinder Angels™ also encourages children to learn at their own pace and explore deep thinking, which builds a solid foundation for the future. TheBlessedAngel™app makes cognitive enhancement puzzles available to children with learning difficulties. ‘No child left behind’ is one of the guiding beliefs of Edsix Brainlab™, and the new suite of cognitive development apps is a leap towards realising this goal.

Intelekt+TM helps employees build their cognitive skills through quick puzzles every day, which they can solve on their own time. Organizations using these apps are sure to see improvements in employee performance, productivity, and greater collaboration within and between teams.

However, cognitive skills are dulled in adulthood when the brain is not given new challenges. Regular workouts for the brain are proven to keep adults sharp and efficient. Edsix Brainlab™ has launched a suite of apps for corporates and large organizations to keep their employees minds active and agile. God of Brains™ lets organizations understand their employees’ cognitive abilities better, and track their cognitive improvements over time. Battle of Brains™ taps into the competitive streak in every person.