Duroflex Mattresses introduces India’s only certified orthopaedic mattress range


Duroflex Mattresses introduces India’s only certified orthopaedic mattress range 

~One of India’s leading brands in mattresses & other sleep products announces ‘Duropedic’ range~ 

Hyderabad, In today’s day and age, there is a growing awareness on the fact that back pain simply isn’t an age-related issue. It is an increasingly common lifestyle problem with known reasons like faulty sitting postures, lack of exercise and everyday stress, to name a few. A mattress that will provide your back with the right comfort and support is one of the key necessities to addressing this problem to alleviate the pain, in addition to giving you a good night’s sleep. Keeping this in mind, India’s pioneering and innovative mattress brand, Duroflex Mattresses, has announced the launch of Duropedic – India’s first orthopaedic mattress certified by the National Health Academy. Present at the launch of Duropedic range of mattress was leading actor Mr. Varun Tej Konidela and Dr. Kapil Chand Narra, Orthopedic & Sports Physiotherapist with Mr. Mathew Chandy Managing Director, Duroflex Pvt. Ltd and Mr. Mohanraj J., President, Duroflex Pvt. Ltd.

An individual’s back goes through a lot of stress during the day. Certain daily activities like repeated heavy lifting or sudden awkward movements can strain back muscles and cause painful muscle spasms. Due to the growing back problems amongst consumers, Duroflex Mattresses collaborated with orthopaedists to design an orthopaedic mattress that provides the most advanced back support system available in the country. This is the first and only time that a mattress brand has teamed up with certified experts to create a trusted orthopaedic mattress that’s been tested and certified by renowned orthopaedists.

The Duropedic range ensures a perfect balance between comfort and support for a well-rested sleep. This orthopaedic range of mattresses has been developed at Duroflex Mattresses’ sleep lab along with the renowned orthopaedists from National Health Academy over a course of 8 months testing. The mattress design is based on a first-of-its-kind 5- Zoned Full Prone Support System, a technology that provides advanced support that the back needs.

Speaking at the launch of Duropedic range of mattresses from Duroflex Mattresses, leading actor Mr. Varun Tej Konidela said, “Acting and fitness are two of the most important aspects of my life. A long day on set or in the gym can take a toll on my body. Duroflex Mattresses’ Duropedic range presents itself as a great solution to this problem. Getting the best quality sleep with the right back support and posture alignment that Duropedic assures is exactly what I need for my body. Duroflex Mattresses has done a great job in collaborating with orthopaedists to introduce India’s only mattress certified by orthopaedics. I would urge you to protect you back by opting for a certified orthopaedic mattress only.” 

Speaking at the press conference, Mr. Mathew Chandy, Managing Director, Duroflex Pvt. Ltd. said “With back problems being a rising issue among consumers, we wanted to offer a mattress that gives the best support to the spine. Duropedic range of mattresses is scientifically engineered in collaboration with senior orthopaedic experts to bring you the most advanced orthopaedic mattress available in the market today. We are proud to be the only brand with a mattress range that is certified by the National Health Academy. It is our endeavour to provide our customers the best care and rejuvenation for their backs whilst they sleep and the 5- Zoned Full Prone Support System in Duropedic range with its various resilience layers for comfort ensures just that.” 

Mr. Mohanraj J. – President, Duroflex Pvt. Ltd. said, “Duroflex Mattresses has been pioneering in advanced sleep systems since 55 years, helping consumers get the right rest and comfort for their body. We have endeavoured to be innovative not only in our products but also in our in-store experiences. Back issues are a common problem and as an aid to that, we have introduced Duropedic range of mattresses – India’s first orthopaedic mattress certified by experts unlike any other mattress. This product has been perfected to give consumers what they need for their back, helping them alleviate back issues, have a good night’s sleep and live a healthy life.”

Dr. Kapil Chand Narra, Orthopedic & Sports Physiotherapist, shared his insights on the right support needed for ones back, “An ideal posture whether it be sitting or sleeping should have minimal muscular energy expenditure and good spinal support so that we can sustain it for long. This relaxes our body and is especially important to induce a good sound sleep. The 5- Zone Support system used in Duropedic range gives optimum support to different spine and body areas ensuring ideal spine mechanics in sleep posture. This support is what the back needs while sleeping after a hectic day.”

What is 5 Zoned Support System?

The Human body is divided into 5 zones and each of these zones requires differentiated support based on the weight exerted. This means that the mattress one sleeps on should be able provide differentiated support for pressure dissemination of each of these zones for the most optimum and restorative back support. The 5-Zoned Full Prone Support System in the Duropedic range of mattresses is able to provide this advanced support ones backs need. 

Duroflex Mattresses is now available at all leading stores across the country. You can explore the full range of Duroflex Mattresses’ Duropedic products online at https://www.duroflexworld.com/