“Corporate Connections” where leaders meet to launch first chapter in Chennai


“Corporate Connections” where leaders meet to launch first chapter in Chennai

CorporateConnectionsறூ️ is the premiere platform for accelerating executive level connections. It provides global business leaders the ideal setting for generating exceptional and measurable results through executive networking opportunities. Our members join CorporateConnectionsறூ️ to develop business relationships, gain access to advanced professional development opportunities and to participate in peer advisory groups.

Our proven model helps executives build strategic and tactical relationships through a structured and supportive environment comprised of other successful business leaders.

These relationships help our members to open doors to the world of extraordinary experiences, which otherwise they would not have access to. Our culture of excellence impacts every touch point of membership from induction through their membership journey. Our seamless and simple processes allow members to build meaningful relationships and be catalysts for change in their businesses and communities.

Members benefit from:
– Strategic Connections
– Global Business Alliances
– Peer Advisory Groups
– Advanced Professional Development

Our basic criteria for the membership are C- Level Executives and Business Owner with businesses having Min Rs 30 Crores & above as annual revenue.

CorporateConnectionsறூ️ is currently present on 3 Continents and 8 Countries and has an aggressive growth plan for future.

CorporateConnectionsறூ️ entry in India has been met with great success. We have seen Business leaders from India co-creating new opportunities amongst themselves and with global business leaders. In 2018, we started our first chapter in Bangalore and now we are looking to launch in 5 more cities in the next few weeks in Coimbatore, Chennai, Mumbai, Surat and Ahmedabad. We should be present in 15 cities in the next 3 years with membership strength of 800+ business leaders.

We are excited to launch our first chapter in Chennai on 01st July 2019. We are proud of having 6 founding members of annual revenue ranging from Rs 50 Crores – Rs 10,000 Crores.

Mr. Robert Gervais, Global President of CorporateConnectionsறூ️ has traveled from Montreal, Canada to join us is for the launch event. He is accompanied by Mr. Sri Rathi, Head of Indian Operations, CorporateConnectionsறூ️.

Mr Rajkumar Narang, Executive Director CorporateConnectionsறூ️ Chennai. along with Mrs Mala Ramachandran, Chapter Consultant of the Chennai Chapter have put in tremendous effort to build the foundation strong with credible & high influencers of Chennai.

CorporateConnectionsறூ️ Chennai will play a significant role to enhance the Business Community & also to give back to the society at large.