Asia’s Biggest New Year Bash 2019


Asia’s Biggest New Year Bash 2019

Celebrate Asia’s Biggest New Year Bash Like Nowhere Else!

Country Club Hospitality & Holidays Limited hosted the 12th edition of Asia’s Biggest New Year Bash 2018 across India

Country Club’s Asia’s Biggest New Year’s Eve Celebration  celebrated actor and actresses together to give a perfect spark in welcoming New Year with full of fun and excitement.

Country Club invited all the members and guest at the memorable New Year Eve  of mind-blowing performances by celebrity, an incredible atmosphere accompanied by mouth-watering Dishes and music.

2018 was a unique year, and like every year Country Club  celebrated the New Year in a Grand way. A party that every one  experienced  Asia’s Biggest New Year Bash 2019.

Following celebrities performed at Asia’s Biggest New Year Bash 2019 along with their preferred locations.

1 Khusboo Purohit Pune

2 Meet Jain Ahmedabad

3 Shefali Zariwala Mumbai

4 Madhu Shalini Hyderabad

5 Nikita Narayan Bangalore

6 Gurmeet & Debina Delhi

7 Maryam Zakaria Kolkata

8 Lavina Tandon Surat

9 Sakshi Agarwal Chennai

Speaking about the 12th edition of Asia’s Biggest New Year Bash 2018, the Country Club Hospitality & Holidays Limited, Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Y. Rajeev Reddy says, “Country Club is known as the powerhouse of entertainment. It provides entertainment to guests and members over 365 days. Till date, nearly all top celebrities have performed at Country Club. More than 15000 to 20000 people have attended the much known Asia’s Biggest New Year Bash. In future Country Club aims to celebrate each and every event in a grand way, making it the biggest powerhouse of entertainment Industry.”