Aliens 2042 : Action Adventure science fiction thriller


Aliens 2042 : Action Adventure science fiction thriller

CURTAIN RAISER –James Cameron’s (director of Avatar), ALIENS (1986) is still
rated as one of the best science fictions ever! Several sequels have so far been
made, most of which proved successful at the box-office but even today, James
Cameron’s Aliens is being rated very high by both the critics and film buffs!
Toeing the line of the concept of aliens’ attack on humans, this latest flick,
Aliens 2042 releasing worldwide on May 26th 2023. In India, it is releasing in 6
Languages! The screenplay has been set in the near future-year 2042!

Cast- Ren Tianye, Zhang Zhilu, Qu Niciren etc
Cinematography- Qiu HangXu ;
Action Director – Shi Zhanbiaa
Visual Effects Director – Du Keyan
Director – Huang Zhuasheng

777 Pictures releases in 6 languages ​​English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi.

The story is set in a dystopian world in a parallel universe in the year 2042.

In 2042 after Earth has been invaded by aliens looking to steal our water. To try and defeat them the countries of the world combined their militaries. But as one character tells us in the opening minutes, the only army left is the Chinese. And by the end of the prologue even they’ve been defeated.

One of the survivors, a deserter named Zhang Zhi Lu has survived by scavenging and selling scrap electronics. He eventually falls in with Ren Tian Ye and his team.

Then these six multinational soldiers joined together to fight the aliens. They found that their enemy was indestructible as they seemed to be wrapped in a force field that mere bullets cannot penetrate.

Pam, who is from EUD or UED? was a scientist and said that the only way to defeat the aliens was to use the blue crystals to create an MEMP, an electromagnetic pulse.

It so happens, that they knew where to get the crystals, and astoundingly they have all the equipment to create a crystal bomb.

Unfortunately, their band of six started dying at the hands of the aliens. Papa died and so was General Gao Ren, their leader. Another two died leaving only Pam and Chang Ling in the end.

Chang Ling ran in the middle of the aliens and started the electromagnetic pulse from the blue crystals. It worked and the alients shortcircuited.

Just like many films before when everything is sorted the reinforcement turns up and that is how the film ended.

The merit of this drama is the cinematography of Qiu HangXu, the location is good.