ONSKY Technology PVT. LTD becomes the latest one to land upon K-Town


ONSKY Technology PVT. LTD becomes the latest one to land upon K-Town

Across the years, the birth of many producers in the movie industry has happened with the insatiable passion, sheer dedication, and inmost desire to produce and nurture top-notch content-driven movies. Precisely, the Tamil movie industry has witnessed the arrival of such eminent production houses, which have been the epitome of churning out and gifting universal audiences with spectacular showpieces. MR.MOUTTOU SAMBANDAM, Onsky Technology Pvt. Ltd becomes the latest one to land upon K-Town with a huge desire to produce and acquire more valuable movies. His journey in the entertainment industry isn’t an overnight incident, but spans across the years for his invincible service in the world of DTH platform, thereby proving his caliber of excellence.


“ONSKY Technology PVT. LTD” தமிழ் சினிமாவில் கால்பதிக்கும் புதிய தயாரிப்பு நிறுவனம்!

Sharing the good news, Mr. Mouttou Sambandam, Founder, OnSky Technology Pvt. Ltd says, “My passion for movies has unconditionally existed right from my childhood. Although, it was a long-run dream for me, I wanted to observe, learn and acquire a decorous trait of becoming a producer before embarking on a journey in the world of the movie industry. One among them was to equip the production house with a proper digital and postproduction unit. We are happy to announce that it is installed in the heart of the city – Kodambakkam. The main motto of ONSKY Technology Pvt Ltd is to introduce new and aspiring talents, thereby letting them explore their innovative approach towards cinema. Tamil movie industry has been the exemplification in making movies beyond the usual paradigms. We at ONSKY Technology Pvt. Ltd will strive to elevate it by producing unique content-driven movies, acquiring and distributing as well. Besides, ONSKY Technology will spearhead making a mark of excellence in the world of OTT platform by introducing avid film lovers to newfangled movies. We will be soon announcing the league of movies to be produced from our banner.”