Lyricist Murugan Manthiram Turned as Dialogue Writer


Lyricist Murugan Manthiram Turned as Dialogue Writer.

“An extra effort is needed for Dialogue writing than for a Song Lyrics “,
Says Lyricist turned Dialogue Writer Murugan Manthiram.!

Murugan Manthiram who has penned lyrics more than 50 songs, makes his debut as Dialogue Writing with “Operation Arapaima” starring Rahman, Nadodigal Abinaya & Tini Tom directed by Ex Navy Officer turned Director Prash.

About sharing his experience with dialogue writing for films Murugan Manthiam says, There is more of effort is needed for writing dialogues more than that of writing lyrics for a song. For writing  a song lyrics,  there is less conditions  comparatively with dialogues, because for a song the main thing we have to keep in mind about the song situation, feel of the characters involved in the film and the director’s expectation to write according to the tunes.

But for dialogue writing there is more involvement with the story is needed, like we need to know the story baseline, backdrop of the story, slang of particular language used, emotions of each and every single character of the film is to be kept in mind before starting a dialogue writing. All these things while writing dialogues makes the audience travel along with the story and relate the characters and their emotions.

After ‘Operation Arapaima’ and ‘Ongala Podanum Sir’, Writing for Dialogues for the movies, “Pralayam”, “MiliTery” produced by Time & Tide Frames Studio.

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