Lyca Productions Indian 2 trailer unleashes Kamal Haasan’s power as Senapathy


Lyca Productions Indian 2 trailer unleashes Kamal Haasan’s power as Senapathy

Indian 2′, starring Kamal Haasan and an ensemble cast, releases on July 12 in Tamil Indian 2, Telugu Bharateeyudu 2, and Hindi Hindustani 2 with Anirudh Ravichander’s music score. Kamal Haasan and Shankar first teamed up for the 1996 Tamil blockbuster ‘Indian’.

Kamal Haasan, the “Universal Hero,” is back as the iconic vigilante Senapathy in “Indian 2,” the highly anticipated sequel to the 1996 blockbuster “Indian.” The recently released trailer, which has already gone viral, is a powerful testament to the film’s epic scale and promise of an action-packed cinematic experience.

The trailer kicks off with Siddharth, a young man battling against the systemic corruption plaguing the nation. Facing overwhelming odds, Siddharth seeks a solution to the problems of unemployment, corruption, and lack of development that plague society. This is where Senapathy, the legendary freedom fighter from the original “Indian,” steps in.

Kamal Haasan, embodying the spirit of Senapathy, declares a “second war of independence” and embraces a “Netaji” approach, in contrast to the “Gandhian” approach of the past. His return is a powerful reminder that the fight for justice is a continuous battle, and sometimes, extreme measures are necessary to combat the forces of evil.

Shankar, the visionary director, has once again delivered a visual spectacle, showcasing breathtaking action sequences and grand production values. Kamal Haasan’s performance is nothing short of mesmerizing, seamlessly shifting between the roles of Siddharth and Senapathy with his signature intensity and charisma.

The film boasts a stellar supporting cast, including Rakul Preet Singh, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Jayaram, Brahmanandam, Bobby Simha, Samuthirakani, and Nedumudi Venu, adding depth and complexity to the narrative. Anirudh Ravichander’s pulsating music further elevates the cinematic experience, underscoring the intensity of the action and the emotional depth of the story.

“Indian 2” is set to be a cinematic event, promising a powerful story of redemption, justice, and a relentless fight for a better tomorrow. With its grand release on July 12th, 2024, the film is poised to capture the imagination of audiences worldwide.

The film, dubbed in multiple languages, is set to be a global phenomenon, with the legacy of “Indian” inspiring a new generation of viewers.

Kamal Haasan, director Shankar and the team of ‘Indian 2’ met the media on June 25 in Chennai. The trailer was exclusively screened for the press in the city.

Speaking at the press conference, Kamal Haasan spoke highly about director Shankar and ‘Indian 3’. Director Shankar also revealed that the story has expanded beyond Tamil Nadu in the sequels. He also showered praise on Kamal Haasan for his conviction and determination.

Director Shankar said, “All my films are written based on many what-if scenarios. This film is imagined with the idea of how Indian thatha (grandfather in Tamil) would survive in today’s time. The first part was set in Tamil Nadu, but we now go beyond the state in ‘Indian 2’. The film has so many characters apart from Senapathy. It will be engaging and when the film ends, I’m sure it will make people think.”

Shankar then recalled ‘Indian’ (1996) and how hard Kamal Haasan worked in it. He said, “Back then, we made Kamal Haasan wear prosthetics for 40 days. In the sequel, he wore it for more than 70 days. When he came for the look test, I had goosebumps just like what I had when he came for ‘Indian’ look test.”

Kamal Haasan, on his part, said, “Not everyone gets the chance to do world cinema again. There are two filmmakers who created art in the same way – Alfred Hitchcock and Cecil B DeMille. Now, Shankar has done it and, through him, I am getting to do it. ”

He mentioned that Indian politics pushed them to come up with a sequel after almost 28 years. “I remember dubbing for ‘Indian’ and I asked Shankar about the sequel. We didn’t do it back then as we were too involved in the first part. Now, I am acting with a new generation of actors. It feels like yesterday that I shot scenes with Vivekh. He, along with Manobala and Nedumudi Venu should have been here to witness the success.”

Speaking about ‘Indian 3’, Kamal Haasan said, “Cinematographer Ravi Varman said ‘Even Shankar and Kamal Haasan can’t think about making a film like this again’. We have made one and that is ‘Indian 3’. But it needs a different stage.”

Before Indian 2, Kamal Haasan will be seen in Nag Ashwin’s dystopian sci-fi fantasy film Kalki 2898 AD, which is all set to release in cinemas this Thursday on June 27. Kamal will also reunite with filmmaker Mani Ratnam for an action film, Thug Life, 37 years after their 1987 film, Nayakan.

Produced by Lyca Productions and Red Giant Movies, Indian2 will be released on July 12 in Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu.

Movie: Indian 2 (Bharateeyudu 2) (Hindustani 2)

Movie Credits:
Cast : Kamal Haasan, Siddharth, Kajal Agarwal, Rakul Preet Singh, SJ Surya, Bobby Simha, Vivek, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Brahmanandam, Samuthirakani, Nedumudi Venu, Delhi Ganesh, Manobala, Jagan, Kalidas Jayaram, Gulshan Grover, Zakir Hussain, Piyush Mishra, Akhilendra Mishra
Technichians :
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Music: Anirudh Ravichander
Director of Photography: Ravi Varman
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Bharateeyudu 2 Telugu PRO: Naidu Surendra Kumar, Phani (Beyond Media)
Indian 2 Tamil PRO Sathish (AIM)