Kangana Ranaut EXPOSES Ugly Bollywood Secrets: “Most Popular Drug Is Cocaine, MDMA Crystals…”


Kangana Ranaut EXPOSES Ugly Bollywood Secrets: “Most Popular Drug Is Cocaine, MDMA Crystals…”

Bollywood, actress Kangana Ranaut, in her latest tweets, has revealed that the most popular drug in the film industry is cocaine.

She has also offered to help Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in any probe they might want her to, but wants the “centre government” to provide her with protection in return.

Kangana Ranaut has, over the past few years, been vocal about Bollywood nepotism that favours star kids. The conversation around the subject has been revived after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput on June 14.

On Wednesday, she opened up about how drugs are commonly used in the film industry.

“Most popular drug in the film industry is cocaine, it is used in almost all house parties it’s very expensive but in the beginning when you go to the houses of high and mighty it’s given free, MDMA crystals are mixed in water and at times passed on to you without your knowledge,” tweeted Kangana.

“I am more than willing to help @narcoticsbureau but I need protection from the centre government, I have not only risked my career but also my life, it is quiet evident Sushanth knew some dirty secrets that’s why he has been killed,” she further tweeted.

One Twitter user called the revelations “explosive” but she doesn’t think so.

Earlier in the day, IANS had reported how the actress had referred to the film industry as “Bullywood”. She had said that if NCB enters “Bullywood”, many A-listers will be behind bars.

The actress had also alleged without taking names that her mentor used to spike her drinks when she was still a minor. Kangana also alleged that after she started attending famous film parties, she got exposed to the world of drugs, debauchery and mafia.


பாலிவுட் விருந்துகளில் போதை பொருள் தாராளமாக புழங்குகிறது – கங்கனா பகீர் புகார்

Kangana’s tweet comes on the day when the Enforcement Directorate (ED) summoned talent manager Jaya Saha in connection with the money laundering probe into the death of Sushant.

Saha was a consultant at Kwann Talent Agency, and was also the talent manager for Sushant Singh Rajput’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty.

An ED source said that the financial probe agency wants to question her about the drug angle that has come up after one of Saha’s conversations with Rhea Chakraborty got leaked.