Director Vignesh Shivan pens post on directing MS Dhoni for a CSK video


Director Vignesh Shivan pens post on directing MS Dhoni for a CSK video

Director Vignesh Shivan has shared a heartfelt note on the experience of directing Captain Cool MS Dhoni for a small video for Chennai Super Kings.

Taking to Instagram, the director, who is a big fan of the cricketer, wrote a detailed post that was titled ‘My favourite Story of myself!’

The post read: “So many years back, my mom used to be in-charge of the security for the IPL cricket players. She being an Inspector of police, she had access to all places. I’ve seen her talk in Tamil to Dwayne Bravo once! Lol. I used to ask her and somehow, stand in one corner of Park Sheraton hotel to get a glimpse of my Idol — MSD! I’ve followed him all my life. Always been an ardent fan and a far away student!

“There are times when I have handled situations during shooting, during failures, during success or many other situations. I would just imagine how MSD would react to such a situation and I would do the same while working with a team of 100 members everyday! You need leadership skills and I’ve always followed my Idol!

“Coming back to the mom story I used to stand for long hours and when he walks and gets into the house, I’ve always wished why can’t the bus be parked somewhere longer!

“One day, my mom had a chance to get a pic with MS Dhoni but I wasn’t able to !!! Even she couldn’t help me get one even though she had access! So it’s always been a dream for me to meet him. Take a picture at least once in my lifetime!

“Then comes life, the work we do. And the blessings and prayers of our loved ones!

“Through an angel, certain good things happened & eventually whatever I manifested was happening behind me only to get me an opportunity to direct a small video for CSK with my icon!

“I said ‘action’ 36 times! Like a little boy counting with his fingers, every time I said ‘action’ and thanked God and the universe for making me direct the video! Lucky me.

“And during a short break, I showed him the picture that my mom took. That’s the first picture I’ve posted. And then later, brought my mom and made her meet him. In my shooting. My set. For close to 10 mins at least. Manifestation, perseverance definitely works! Surreal, I felt then.