‘Bun Butter Jam’ enthralls K-Town with new-fangled First Look Reveal!


Actor Raju (Bigg Boss fame) debuts as hero!

Rain of Arrows Entertainment Suresh Subramanian’s new project after maiden production ‘Yenni Thuniga’.

Across the years, the unveiling of the first look has been confined to the usual paradigms of platforms like newspapers, and social media. However, the team of ‘Bun Butter Jam’ have thrown a lease of surprise to K-Town, by emerging with a new-fangled concept. A 30-foot height poster was rolled from the top of a high wall at the Prasad studio complex, thereby unveiling the first look in the presence of the press and media fraternity. The film’s lead actor Raju gracefully appeared for the occasion, and thanked everyone for making it a special event, as a token of expressing his gratitude.

The film is directed by Raghav Mirdath, who earlier made the film ‘Kaalangalil Aval Vasantham’.

The film’s theme revolves around the concept that despite encountering a myriad of odds and challenges in life, choosing not to dwell on them and moving forward with a positive attitude can make life delightful.

The poster deviates from the typical poster style, as it has been meticulously crafted by hand in the fashion of a Renaissance painting. Across various settings worldwide, the protagonist of the movie, Raju, is depicted enjoying “Bun Butter Jam” amidst scenes reminiscent of historical wars.

Raghav Mirdath has created this film with engrossing and entertaining ingredients that will savour the tastes of audiences from all walks of life. While Raju plays the lead character, Adhya Prasad and Bhavya Trikha are performing the female lead roles. In particular, the performances by Saranya Ponvannan & Devadarshini are going to be the intriguing attraction of this film. Likewise, Charlie’s performance and characterization will elevate his stature to the next level. Michael Thangadurai and VJ Pappu are performing important roles in this movie.

Bun Butter Jam delves into the realistic take on contemporary relationships of Gen Z, laced with engrossing and entertaining package.

The film has been shot in and around exquisite locales of Chennai, and the postproduction work is close on the heels of completion.

Technical Crew

Banner: Rain of Arrows Entertainment
Production – Suresh Subramanian
Written and Directed by Raghav Mirdath
Music – Nivas K Prasanna
Cinematography – Babu Kumar IE
Editing – John Abraham
Art Director – Sri Sasikumar
Lyrics – Karthik Netha, Uma Devi, Mohan Raja, Saraswathi Menon
Choreography – Bobby
Executive Producer – M.J. Bharathi
Public Relations: Johnson