Are you ready to set sail on a Cinematic Adventure?


Are you ready to set sail on a Cinematic Adventure?

Sri Lankan film “Maariya: The Ocean Angel” directed by Aruna Jayawardhana competes for the Golden Peacock at IFFI 53

#IFFIWOOD, 24 November 2022

1901 marked the introduction of cinema to Sri Lanka (then called Ceylon), with a film being shown for the first time in the country at a private screening for the British governor West Ridgeway and prisoners of the Second Boer War. It was a short film that documented the British victory in the Boer War, the burial of Queen Victoria and the coronation of Edward VII. From the shadows of colonialism, the entertainment industry in the small island country with a population of around 22 million has come a long way. Cinema in Sri Lanka has now become a public affair and a celebration of culture.

In the 53rd edition of IFFI, “Maariya:The Ocean Angel” (2022) directed by Aruna Jayawardhana is competing for the coveted golden peacock under the International Competition category. The film revolves around a group of fishermen in the middle of the ocean and an accidental discovery they make. Is it divine intervention? Or will this only allow them to see themselves and each other in different light? Maariya: The Ocean Angel explores these dynamics and more as it journeys in the oceans with the young lads.

The First Golden Peacock Award for a Feature Film at IFFI was presented for the film ‘Gamperaliya’(1963) by Lester James Peries, who is considered to be the Father of Sri Lankan Cinema. Will history repeat itself at the 53rd edition? We will soon find out!  But until then get ready to set sail on a cinematic adventure and don’t miss out on the screening of Maariya: The Ocean Angel