“Actress Hansika Motwani’s brother Engagement”


“Actress Hansika Motwani’s brother Engagement

Hansika Motwani has a new inclusion to her family now. The actress is on cloud nine as her brother Prashanth Motwani has exchanged wedding vows with Muskaan. The wedding ceremony was a 2-day affair held on March 20 and 21, 2021 at Udaipur Royal Retreat. Actress Hansika Motwani says, “Here’s a moment that I cannot stop reveling about. We have a new member of our family – Muskaan. We now become inseparable sisters and I am in irresistible elations over this beautiful communion of two good people. So, we’re gonna be four musketeers in our family hereafter.”

The wedding ceremony was a private affair attended by elders in the families including Hansika’s mother Dr. Mona Motwani, relatives, families, and friends.

The entire ceremony was held as per the norms and rules implemented by the Government due to pandemic issues. The 2-day event had a very little crowd and they were allowed to take part in the occasion after being tested COVID negative.


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