“#TheTasteThatUnites” Annapoorna Masalas and spices launched the digital campaign


“#TheTasteThatUnites” Annapoorna Masalas and spices launched the digital campaign

The most favorite dishes of each regional people can taste from their home.

Annapoorna Masalas and Spices believe that blended spices help people to experiment in unique ways that they aren’t done on their own ever.

Mr. Vijay Prasad, Executive Director, Annapoorna Masalas and spices said that the spice blends will take your taste buds on travel as you celebrate the different regional tastes on your plates for authentic taste and flavor now in a fresh series. We strongly believes that food and tastes will connect friends/families/colleagues and made our tagline “#TheTasteThatUnites” 

Here are two different ad campaign had been launched by Annapoorna Masalas and Spices in the concept of

1.   Share love; It’s contagious https://youtu.be/K0OD8nfBkds

A grandmother felt that the ‘Maida’ content is tasty but not good for health on routine eats. So she prepares food and shares her love to her neighbor with the delicious and mouth-watering Thirunelveli Puli Kuzhambu with rice made by “Annapoorna’s Thirunelveli Puli Kulambu Masala”. Many of us are missing the indigenous foods as for many reasons; Annapoorna’s blended spices are the best companion to cook, taste and live healthy.

2.   Return Love: It’s contagious https://youtu.be/RzLjEqg6LPs

Young Mom tried ‘Ambur Biriyani’ at home and the family waited for Ice-cream to complete it; It was ordered and delivered on time and the delivery boy gets treated with return love; as she proudly says that Ambur style biriyani (made with Annapoora’s Ambur Biriyani Masala) by herself and given the packed food to him to eat. This ad shows to respect each other and food will be reason to smile with love.