Public Advisory from ‘Vi’ Against Online & KYC Frauds


Public Advisory from ‘Vi’ Against Online & KYC Frauds 

It has been brought to our notice that some Vi customers are getting SMS and Calls from unidentified numbers asking them to update their KYC immediately. These fraudsters, at times, disguise as company representatives and threaten unsuspecting users with SIM block if KYC is not done. They may also seek certain confidential information from customers, in the name of verification.

Vi cautions all our customers against such unauthorised Calls and SMS. Vi customers are advised to not give their KYC details or share any OTP with anybody on a call, and should not call back on these numbers or click on any link mentioned in the SMS.

Customers are informed that clicking on any unverified link or sharing any details could lead to data and information theft from the mobile device, and can have other serious consequences.

All customer communication from the company is only done from the SMS ID ‘ViCARE’. Any SMS being acted upon which is not originating from ‘ViCARE’ is strictly not advisable.

Vi is committed to being the most trusted and valued partner for our customers and businesses to succeed in a digital world.”