‘ONVI.MOVIE’, India’s Exclusively Pay-Per-View OTT for Movies, will be Launched on 5th March 2021


‘ONVI.MOVIE’, India’s Exclusively Pay-Per-View OTT for Movies, will be Launched on 5th March 2021

Chennai, March 02, 2021 

‘ONVI.MOVIE’, India’s exclusively pay-per-view OTT platform for movies and other video entertainment content such as feature films, short films, web series and other independent films, will be launched on 5th March 2021.

A venture of ONVI.MEDIA, a proprietary OTT technology company, ‘ONVI.MOVIE’  currently streams content in Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi. It is signing up with producers in all other Indian and global languages. Customers can watch movies on ‘ONVI.MOVIE’ from any digital screen – mobile phones, computers, and smart TVs.

The portal is expected to attract about 5 lakh visitors per month during the first three months. The company is hopeful of crossing the mark of Rs. 100 crores in gross ticket revenue (GTR) during the first year. The ticket price starts from Rs. 20. The customers can pay the ticket price through Google Pay, PhonePe or any other UPI payment gateways or through debit, credit cards and net banking.

Unlike, Advertising supported Video on Demand platforms such as YouTube, and Subscription Video on Demand based ones like other OTTs, ‘ONVI.MOVIE’ does not show ads or charge a monthly subscription fee from the customers. ‘ONVI.MOVIE’ falls in the category of Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD), as it lets movie buffs pay only when they watch content. Further, this OTT platform is designed to provide a digital theatre experience for the audience.


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Commenting about the launch of ‘ONVI.MOVIE’Ms Jayanthi Devarajan, its director, said, “We expect ‘ONVI.MOVIE’ to become India’s most preferred release platform for movies and other forms of video entertainment such as feature films, short films, web series and other independent films. ‘ONVI.MOVIE’ is an exclusive TVOD venture to be launched in India. We are hopeful of attracting about 5 lakh visitors per month during the first three months, and we expect the number of monthly visitors to double month on month in the next six months.

We call our portal a Private Digital Multiplex, as our aim is to make the experience of watching movies online as close as possible to the experience of watching them in a multiplex. The interface and navigation design ensures that what our visitors do on the portal – right from browsing the posters of the films, and purchasing tickets, closely mirror what they would do in a multiplex.”

Talking about the revenue-sharing model, Ms Jayanthi Devarajan said that ‘ONVI.MOVIE’ simplifies the process of releasing movies, short films or web series and enables producers to earn through ticketed viewing. “We are like Swiggy for the entertainment industry. We offer the platform for producers to showcase and deliver their content on demand. About 70% of the ticket revenue goes to producers, and we get the rest as platform fee. The settlements to producers are made on a weekly basis. Producers can track the live data of the viewership and the collections through an exclusive analytics dashboard,” she added.

‘ONVI.MOVIE’ enables producers to release their content globally with ease. Producers can release their content on this platform for a period from 15 days to 180 days before taking it to other subscription based OTT platforms. ‘ONVI.MOVIE’ accepts a video content only when it adheres to the recommended specifications and premium quality, and has a minimum duration of 15 minutes. It follows all the guidelines the regulators have in place for the OTT platforms. In addition, it also sticks to internal guidelines to ensure that the content is suitable for public consumption.

Commenting on the value ‘ONVI.MOVIE’ brings to producers, and customers, Ms Jayanthi, said, “In the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, people are skeptical of watching movies in theatres. ‘ONVI.MOVIE’ comes as a win-win for both producers and viewers. It lets producers release movies globally. They can recover the production cost quickly and in a transparent manner. And customers can watch their favorite movies from the safe environment of their home.”

Other senior team members of ‘ONVI.MOVIE’ team, including Mr Vignesh Chinnadurai, Creative Head, Mr Ganesh, Business Head and Mr. Sabary, Content Acquisition Head were present in the press meet.

‘ONVI.MOVIE’ launch video: