International Women’s day celebrated at Fipola with over 200+ female employees and POSH COMMITTEE against Sexual Harrasment


International Women’s day celebrated at Fipola with over 200+ female employees and POSH COMMITTEE against Sexual Harrasment inaugurated by Dr Sanjoy Das, Sushil Kanugolu,Mrs Aishwariya Sushil, Menakshi Tandon, Mrs Moumita Roy & Mallika

Mother Teresa once said, “I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone upon the water to create many ripples.” On March 8th 2022, Fipola celebrated Women’s day with over 200+ female employees who were excited to have a day all for themselves.
Recently the meat retail brand has branched out to several cities in South India including Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Coimbatore and is looking to expand further across India.
However, that also means a lot more female employees, and so Mr Sushil Kanugolu, founder and CEO, has mandated every woman must feel safe and secure in the work place.
As of 2013 the supreme court had made sure that a POSH Committee was set up in every office across the country. This committee stands for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the working environment.
Taking it a step further the women in the organization were given the promise that there would be an internal committee and an external committee comprised of Mrs Aishwariya Sushil, Menakshi Tandon and Mrs Moumita Roy respectively, to better provide an unbiased judgement and also privacy for those who may be scared to come forward. A special helpline number has also been assigned that will be accessible to anyone in the corporation.
Dr Sanjoy Das, COO Fipola stated “We, at Fipola, strive to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace. It is our responsibility to ensure safety for women at work and improve their participation and security factor both on a mental and on a physical level.”
All the female employees gathered to recite a special pledge that said as a company they will have to break the bias and will not stand for any kind of harassment in the work place and that the growth of every employee regardless of their gender is key to the success of the company.
The rest of the evening was celebrated with games, food and bonding activities and all the women were dressed in colorful ethnic wear, each of them were presented a single red rose to symbolize their beauty, charm, strength and perseverance.
“As we branch out to new cities, I feel that women are as much the backbone of our company as men are, we have been hiring many women in all departments with great success in productivity. Therefore, it is our duty to make sure they are safe and secure as we spend more than 40% of our lives at work. I am very pleased we officiated and brought about awareness across the company about the POSH initiative on Women’s Day itself, but in general we celebrate them every single day! Said Sushil Kanugolu.