India Namibia Trade Forum inaugurated by Namibia Trade Commissioner – Dr. P. Radhakrishnan


India Namibia Trade Forum inaugurated by Namibia Trade Commissioner – Dr.P.Radhakrishnan

The  trade Desk of the IndiaNamibia Trade Office opened in Chennai for building up for accelerating trade and business relations between both the countries.The India Africa Trade Council (IATC) in collaboration with the India Namibia Trade Forum (INTF) opened the Namibia Trade Commission Office at Ashok Nagar, Chennai.

The Namibia Trade Commission office was inaugurated by the High Commissioner of Namibia to India, H.E. Mr Gabriel Pandureni Sinimbo along with the Trade Attache of
Namibia Mr. Oscar Sikanda, Namibia Trade Commissioner – Dr. P. Radhakrishnan and other important government officers, industrialists and key personalities.
 There is a huge interest in India, as Africa is an emerging region having a great scope for multilateral as well as bilateral business opportunities. Namibia Trade Commission Office under the guidance of Dr. P Radhakrishnan (Namibia Trade commissioner) will enforce strong business ties from India to Namibia. The office will work directly with the Namibian High Commission in New Delhi and bring opportunities to various cities of India. 

India Africa Trade Forum was inaugurated by the Additional Secretary for Africa, Ministry of ExternalAffairs, and Government of India in the presence of other governmentTrade relations with Namibia have huge potential. SADC region will be at the top of our priorities as per the Prime Minister’s Vision and MEA’s approach in bringing Africa closer,
through the Federation we will continue to intensify and deepen our engagement with the African countries which will be sustained and regular. Our development partnerships will be guided by African region’s priorities and we will build as much local capacity and create as many local opportunities as possible. We will bring the South Indianmarket closer and make it easier and more attractive to trade “said the President of the Indian Economic Trade Organization (IETO) Dr. Asif Iqbal during the Inauguration.
“My goal is to build stronger bilateral relations and reach new heights between Indian companies and Namibia which is a huge market and also the aspect of bonding with Namibia is to explore further enhancing the relations. We are initiating a much robust connectivity with Namibia and will be taking a 50 member business delegation to Namibia with the idea to further enhance linkage between the two regions and build trust between businessmen” Said Dr. P. Radhakrishnan, Namibia Trade Commissioner.
India Namibia Trade Forum (INTF) will visit Namibia soon with a 50 member delegation and various opportunities in the Health sector, Skill development, Agriculture are expected to be signed with various companies and organizations in this region.
The following program is planned for the Namibia activities:
1. To Establish the India Namibian Film Commission for identifying opportunities in Film
shootings for Bollywood and South India film Industry.
2. Meetings to discuss the possible collaborations in the Healthcare sector and working
strongly for theagricultural collaborations
3. Launching the African Fashion week initiating in Namibia during the time of the delegation.
“Namibia’s relations with India date back several centuries and its relationship with India is directed by the historicity of their interactions – the century-old trade partnerships and socio-cultural linkages. Wewant to elevate our ties to the next level. We want to elevate our bilateral partnership; we can come toan agreement that we can elevate it to the level of strategic partnership. We want to have a dynamic and fruitful dialogue on bilateral and regional levels. Healthcare from India must enter throughout the SADC region with Namibia as the centre. Indian Pharmaceutical & health technology is highly appreciated which should be our key target. Namibia gives huge potential in the agricultural, food processing and animal husbandry especially for the Indian companies” said High Commissioner of Namibia to India, H.E. Mr Gabriel Pandureni Sinimbo Namibia has great opportunities and business community is going to explore this beautiful African country with the top industries from South India.