IMPA arranged One day Divine “Thirumurai Thiruvizha” Festivaal & First time in Chennai “Madurai Meenakshi Sundareswarar Thirukalyanam” Chief Guest Defence Minister Mr.Rajnath Singh & 10 Aatheenams tobe held on Dec 16, 2023

IMPA arranged One day Divine ‘Thirumurai Thiruvizha’ Festival & First time in Chennai ‘Madurai Meenakshi Sundareswarar Thirukalyanam’ Chief Guest Defence Minister Mr.Rajnath Singh & 10 Aatheenams tobe held on Dec 16, 2023
IMPA / IBN in collaboration with Thirumurai Foundation has planned a one-day Divine Festival,  “Thirumurai Thiruvizha”  on 16th Dec’ 2023, Saturday, at RK Convention Centre, Neelankarai,  ECR, Chennai. Chief Guest for the one-day Divine Festival, Defence Minister Thiru. Rajnath Singh & Blessings of 10 Saiva Atheenams (Mutt Pontiffs).
Thirumurai (Panniru Thirumuraigal) – Holy Order, is a collection of divine 18,497 hymns (12 volume compendium) penned by revered 27 saints, in praise of lord Shiva in the Tamil language, holds a unique place in our life, cultural and spiritual history. These sacred verses not only celebrate the glory of the divine but also encapsulate the essence of our traditions, values, and way of life. Panniru Thirumuraigal is considered to be the foundation for Saivism.
In an era marked by rapid change and evolving global landscapes, the significance of Thirumurai cannot be overstated. However “Odhuva Moorthigal” – who sing Thirumurai in temples and also teach the next generations are becoming extinct. The one of the key purpose of this event is to identify and recognise them which we firmly believe will motivate their services.
Panniru Thirumuraigal serve as a bridge connecting us to our roots, offering profound insights into our spirituality and guiding principles. . It is crucial that we take intentional steps to impart this wisdom to our next generations, fostering a deep appreciation for our cultural identity.
As a step towards the above agenda, on the day of “Thirumurai Thiruvizha” event, following are the series of events organised:
Thirumurai Concert (or recital) by 108 Odhuva Moorthigal
Worship of 108 “Anthology of Thirumurai (Thirumurai Pettagam)” (Wooden- Glass Box)
For the first time in Chennai “Madurai Meenakshi Sundareswarar Thirukalyanam – Divine Marriage”
Chief Guest – Defence Minister Thiru. Rajnath Singh
Blessings of 10 Saiva Atheenams (Mutt Pontiffs)
Purpose of this event- Preserving the Rich Heritage of Thirumurai for Future Generations.
Mangaldeep Doopam presents “Thirumurai Thiruvizha”  in association with Norwood switches, challani jewellers, Aandha Bhawan with the support of  Ramraj cotton , Feefo electro productions , Saravana Stores , Vels university, BMW ,Naruvi hospitals.
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