From Pain to Power – A Beautiful Expression and Devotion to all the Fighters and Survivors of Life Challenges. A Transformational Journey of Healing process through Acceptance and Courage



From Pain to Power – A Beautiful Expression and Devotion to all the Fighters and Survivors of Life Challenges. A Transformational Journey of Healing process through Acceptance and Courage

KINTSUGI is the art of repairing broken pottery with gold. The poet takes inspirations from real life heroes who refuse to give up and mould their life emerging out as shining inspirations for themselves and others.

KINTSUGI is a celebration, it salutes Every Women who has moulded their broken pottery into a Masterpiece.

The different poems follow the lives of women in various challenging situations, their struggles and pain, their failures and victories.

The first poem OSAI is about a girl with her never giving up attitude towards life. The poet has carefully woven her experiences of child abuse and molestation by none other but her own family members. The poem is her journey of gathering her broke self and making a beauty of it. Unlike OSAI, the second poem BETRAYAL, is the painful end of a precious life taken by self for reason uknown. The poet describes the incident from the place of a mother who has to live through her daughter’s suicide. Moving forward towards parenting, MAPA is every parent’s journey from their childhood to becoming parent themselves. The challenges and confusions of parenting which ultimately has one and only purpose of unconditional love.

Other two poems SO WE LOVE -WE SAY & CYCLE takes the reader through ups and downs of relationships, love and marriage. The trust and uncertainty goes hand in hand wih the passing time. And how every relationship finds its essence with passing time.

“The readers must read KINTSUGI with love – to absorb the pain, to breathe deeply and experience the healing and transform.” She says.

About The Poet

Surbhi Sethia is an Educationist and a Child Psychologist who applies expressive arts as a therapeutic tool for children with Academic and Behavioural Difficulties. Surbhi Sethia is an ACADEMIC DIRECTOR by Profession at BLINK FOUNDATION which is working towards Dyslexia and Remedial Education.

She is an active member of FICCI –FLO – The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry under which she has been doing WOMEN EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOPS and INSPIRING TALKS, especially for young adults.

She is the pioneer of TGIWF – The Great Indian Women Festival and Founded ROOTS the foundation for helping schools and parents to handle Children with academic and behaviour challenges. Her company ROOTS was the first to get institutional partnership with MDA, Madras Dyslexia Association. She also presented her RESEARCH PAPER on SELF ESTEEM AND DYSLEXIA, at Expressive Art Therapy 1st INTERNATIONAL FORUM at WCC, Chennai. She is a Faculty at WCC & EXPRESSIVE ARTS THERAPY ASSOCIATION INDIA, where she shares her expertise in combining expressive arts in REMEDIAL EDUCATION for the academic and behaviour therapy.

She is also an esteemed PARENTING EXPERT speaker at IMA, INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, and has been sharing her knowledge with doctors and surgeons to handle their stress level and becoming GUILT FREE parents. She has also conducted educational and therapeutic workshops with SPELL BEE, RISING SUN, MAHARISHI SCHOOLS, ASAN SCHOOLS, BHAVANS SCHOOLS, CHENNAI PUBLIC SCHOOLS and many more.

The Journey from her MEDICAL COLLEGE DROPOUT to becoming an EDUCATIONIST herself, has been an incredible experience. She Says “LEARNING NEVER STOPS AND DESTINY ALWAYS FINDS THE DETERMINED”.

She was a college dropout, married young at the age of 20. Becoming a mother wasn’t easy with health issues both physical and psychological. Motherhood gave her strength and motivation to resume studies and set a good example for her children. She joined distance education and then with the support of her husband, she is now pursuing her PhD in WOMEN AND GENDER EQUALITY. Her passion of becoming a good parent herself paved path for her into the field of Education and Parenting. She started working with Play Schools, Developing Child Friendly Content for Topics like Money Management, Good and Bad Touch, Religion, Culture and Life Skills. With her children, she grew and transformed from a young guilty dropout mother to a strong willed parent and educationist.

And now, her book KINTSUGI, from PAIN TO POWER is the amalgamation of the experiences of many children, parents, young adults and individuals she has been touched by in her journey of 20 years as a Mother, Therapist and a Professional Psychologist.

The Experience of KINTSUGI

“A simple lucid style of writing that touches a chord with every woman. Surbhi excels in expressing the palpable, yet elusive moments between thought and consciousness. Her Poetry is distinctively feminine in its quiet strength as in its disquieting struggle. I completely enjoyed reading it and re-reading it.”

Deepali Goyal – Chennai FICCI Flo Chair 2019-20

“A powerful and inspiring amalgamation of poetry and art. This work comes from heart and touches others.Such writing comes out when the writer feels the pain,power,inspiration and confidence. I specially love the caricature depictions. They make the writings so lively. Thanks for writing and gelling it glued to emotions. A MUST read.”

Arun Gangh – Film Critic

“Her poems treads boldly into pain, fear, loss & death. Surbhi’s poetic artistry takes bold steps, but her words don’t crush the reader like the hobnailed boots of soldiers, they land gracefully like the weightless toes of sylphs, awakening ripples of awareness.I would advise readers to read Kintsugi with love, to absorb the pain, and breathe deeply and drawing your shoulders away from your ears, relax your jaw, and await the healing.”

Swapna Sundar – Lawyer, Author & Ethicist

“Many inner development threads are woven in the poems. It’s a beautiful beginning. The poet successfully taps the cognitive layers of emotions and vulnerability, and opens up many pathways for the reader to navigate in depth.”

Rekha Kurup – Founder of She Stands Tall Project

“There is a lot of depth in these poems. You can see that the wisdom in the poems come from a lifetime of experience, something those who have lived it, will resonate well. It shows the path of staying with what is at the same time gives glimmer of hope,of acceptance, of moving forward.”

Vaishnavi Vishwanath – Nature lover, Activist & Life coach

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