DayToDay Health expands its presence in South India, partners with Hyderabad’s leading healthcare chain OMNI Hospitals


DayToDay Health expands its presence in South India, partners with Hyderabad’s leading healthcare chain OMNI Hospitals

With this association, the MIT-backed healthtech brand aims to provide its virtual care platform for COVID-19 patients 

15 Sept, 2020, Chennai: Health-tech startup DaytoDay Health, which provides personalised technology-based solutions to patients to guide, help and assist patients through pre and post-surgery care, today launched its virtual COVID platform for OMNI Hospitals, Hyderabad. The digital healthcare platform is customized to give patients with COVID-19 symptoms a guided and anxiety-free treatment experience covering the entire continuum of care.

DayToDay Health, an MIT startup launched in 2018, has been playing a significant role in improving the level of care for patients across specialties. Through its digital healthcare platform, it educates and enables patients’ caregivers, like family members, to understand and address the needs of patients more effectively. The digital healthcare platform also opens a vital window to the doctors with its analytical dashboard wherein the doctor can track and monitor patient’s progress daily. The dashboard collates vital information like daily stats, etc., and enables the doctors to connect with the patient virtually over a video or voice call.

DayToDay Health enables patients’ COVID-19 care journeys beyond the hospital walls and supports them by guiding through their COVID-19 recovery through physiotherapy, diet planning, etc. DaytoDay Health, an MIT startup launched in 2018, has already made strides in the field of acute care for patients being discharged in various countries like the USA, the UK, and globally.

Speaking about the association, Dr. Aloke Mullick, CEO, OMNI Hospitals said, “DayToDay Health’s COVID-19 Care Platform is a comprehensive platform which helps in the seamless delivery of healthcare and anticipation of patient needs. Through this digital-first platform, OMNI Hospital will deliver its promise of 360-degree care to the patients, while working in tandem with the patient’s doctors and attendants.”

Functional for over 9 years, the hospital has been successful in creating a unique identity of its own as a professional medical care provider with a strong adherence to ethics and a clear focus on bettering the health and lifestyle of the community that it operates in.

“Omni Hospitals has created a brand and values that resonate with those of DayToDay Health. Our COVID-19 Care Platform acts like a mini-clinic that allows patients a seamless delivery of healthcare that also includes mental healthcare and counselling apart from physical health. The program is an evidence-backed, holistic care program that can be used for the overall well-being of a patient,” shared Mr. Rajiv Misra, President, Asia Pacific, DaytoDay Health.