Apollo OMR Hospital Executes Complex Stent Extraction with Exceptional Precision


Apollo OMR Hospital Executes Complex Stent Extraction with Exceptional Precision

*Successful Intracoronary Stent Extraction in a Rare and High-Risk Case*

Chennai, Apollo OMR Hospital has reached a significant milestone in cardiac surgery with the successful execution of a rare and high-risk intracoronary stent extraction procedure. This groundbreaking surgery highlights Apollo Hospitals’ commitment to pioneering advancements in medical care and delivering exceptional outcomes for patients with complex conditions.

Coronary stents are typically inserted to treat patients with minimal coronary artery blockages, a common and low-risk procedure. However, intracoronary stent infections, though extremely rare, can lead to severe complications and life-threatening situations.

In this particular case, a 76-year-old patient admitted at Apollo Hospitals in Perungudi, OMR, after experiencing a persistent fever post-discharge from an outside hospital where he had undergone an emergency intracoronary stent insertion for a heart attack. Initial assessments by Dr. Kannaiyan, General Physician and Dr. Madhuprabhudas, Consultant Cardiologist revealed an infection in the intracoronary stent, which had eroded the coronary artery and posed a risk of rupture, extending to the aorta wall.

Diagnosing the severity of the condition, Dr. M.M. Yusuf, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, led a multidisciplinary team to perform an urgent excision of the intracoronary stent and infected cavity, along with coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG). This complex and high-risk procedure required the collaborative efforts of specialists including Dr. Kalyanaraman (Consultant Cardiac Anaesthetist), Dr. Sendhurnambi (Consultant Infectious Diseases), Dr. Pratheema (Consultant Intensivist), as well as Dr. Kannaiyan and Dr. Madhuprabhudas.

Dr M M Yusuf, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, Apollo Hospitals, stated, ‘’The patient underwent a cardiac CT scan that revealed infection in the intracoronary stent. The infection had eroded the coronary artery which was about to rupture (tear) and was also extending to the wall of the aorta. This is a very high risk and rare procedure with even more risk on an elderly patient. Review of global medical literature and records confirms that there have been very few patients taken up for surgery under these conditions, and even in those rare cases the mortality risk has been more than 60%. The risks and benefits of this complex procedure was explained to the patient and his family who were doctors as well”.

Dr Kannaiyan, Senior Consultant, Medicine, Apollo OMR Hospital, stated, “The successful execution of this rare and high-risk procedure is a testament to the exceptional expertise and collaborative efforts of our multidisciplinary team. We are proud to have provided the best possible care and outcome for our patient, thanks to the advanced infrastructure and support from Apollo Hospitals.”

Dr. Rahul Menon, CEO & Medical Director, Cluster-2, said, “This radical procedure underscores the exceptional capabilities and dedication of our medical team at Apollo Hospitals OMR. Successfully performing such a rare and high-risk surgery exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical science and providing our patients with the highest level of care. Our capacity to address intricate cases through a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach underscores the excellence of our cutting-edge infrastructure and the unmatched expertise of our healthcare professionals. We are proud to be at the forefront of advanced cardiac care and will continue to strive for excellence in every facet of patient care.”

The surgery was performed successfully, and the patient made an uneventful postoperative recovery, six weeks after the surgery. This achievement underscores Apollo Hospitals’ advanced capabilities and commitment to healthcare excellence.