War of the Flesh: Death, Desperation, and Despair


War of the Flesh: Death, Desperation, and Despair

Home is always presumed to be a quiet yet joyous space charged with compassion and acceptance, a dwelling you seek comfort in when chaos ensues. But what happens when home becomes a raging battlefield waiting to swallow you whole? To play dead is to stay dead. You run until your legs give out and every step forward is a step away from pandemonium. This is a fight for survival, a struggle for freedom; this is Syria.

Artist A.P Shreethar’s latest mixed media series – foregrounding the plight of Syria’s innocent, injured civilians- is a call to arms, summoning attention to society’s partial lack of humanity and absence of empathy. His melody is plaintive and every work of art is representative of mankind’s fight for existence, highlighting a necessity to aid in the healing of a broken nation.


சதை போர்: மரணம், விரக்தி மற்றும் நம்பிக்கையின்மை!