In Photos Left to Right:
Mr. Atul Jain – Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Kiran Global Chems Limited,  Mr. M S Jain – Chairman, Kiran Global Chems Limited

GEOCEMENT is a geopolymer based first green cement introduced first time. A revolutionary product with many benefits, manufactured and launched in the Indian market by M/s. Kiran Global Chems Limited, is a non hazardous cement and is completely recyclable.
Advantages (USP )
Zero use of water for mixing and curing
Zero wastage and completely recyclable
80% reduction in carbon emission
Extremely quick binding & setting
2 times stronger than P C concrete
Strength increases with time
3 times the life of P C concrete
Withstands extreme temperatures

Kiran Global is an accredited in-house R & D facility by the Ministry of Science and Technology, DSIR, Government of India and in addition conducts geopolymer research in collaboration with leading research institutes. The company has invested about 4 crores in Geopolymer research. The company has developed
KIRANSIL – Geotechnical grouts for underground tunnelling in 2010
ALLIEDSIL – Precipitated silica – eco friendly replacement of carbon black for rubber in 2014
and the game changer
Geocement range of products – Geobinder, Geopowder & Geocrete in 2015

The cement industry is responsible for major carbon dioxide emissions to the extent of 800kgs of CO2 for every ton of cement. Every application using earth friendly Geobinder will result in 80% reduction in carbon emission. With about 10 to 12% of the buildings rated as Green, the market potential is above 3,000,000 Tonnes per annum which is only set to increase.

Mr. M.S. Jain while talking about Geobinder, Geocement, Geocrete mentioned that “India being the second largest manufacturer of Cement and cement industry accounts for 300 million tons of CO2 emission to global pollution, this Green Cement will have a direct impact on bringing down emission levels to 60 million tons reducing it by 80%.”

Currently 120 TPD of Geobinder and 200 TPD of Geopowder is manufactured in the Chennai. In addition 800 TPD precast concrete plant is being installed in Chennai. It will be marketed in the Southern states of India initially in 2016 with plans of exporting of Geocement binder to other countries. The company has plans to introduce quick setting Geocrete in 25 kg packing for instant concrete and road repairs.

In next three years the company will be operating 12 Geobinder plants, 12 Geopowder plant, 2 precast concrete units and 4 big grinding plants at Vizag, tuticorin, Hospet and Chennai with an total investment of Rs 200.0 crores and producing about 4 million tons of green Geocrete per annum to generate a turnover of over Rs 2000 crore by 2018 -19. The investment is partly from the internal generation and mostly through institutional borrowings.