“My Way” – First Tamil Indie Music Album Launched

From L – R – Kavita Baliga, Founder and CEO, Desi Music Entertainment, Sanje Siva, Singer – Musician, Hema Rukmani - Thenandal Films, Singer Aalaap Raju

“My Way” – First Tamil Indie Music Album Launched

UK based singer – musician Sanje Siva launched his first Tamil Indie Music Album in Chennai titled “My Way” co-produced by Desi Music Entertainment and TBB Entertainment. The album is a biographical, musical presentation of Sanje Siva depicting his entire journey of love, life and struggle. Popular Singers like Srinivas, Aalaap Raju, Gana Bala, Joshua Satya and Kavita Thomas have also sung in the album.

As a teenager, his first job was working as an album cover designer. He would listen to different music albums and get inspired by the music and think, “I can do this.” At the age of 19, he composed his first Tami Music Album which his father agreed to produce. Seergali Sivasithamparam released the album and blessed the live event

In the last 17 years, Sanje Siva has released 10 Tamil albums in the UK and Europe, started his own Tamil music production company (TBB) in Germany that supports Tamil singers, lyricists, editors, etc, founded multiple companies in the UK and Sri Lanka, and has cultivated a fan following across the world.

Singers Aalaap Raju, Kavita Baliga, Ranjith Hegde, Hema Rukmani – Thenandal Films, Adam Grieg (ARR’s KM Music Conservatory), Ashok George & Mili, Hindustan University andShruthie Anil, Radio One were present at the launch.