L Ramachandran – One among ATIM’s top 60 masters of contemporary artist of 2017


L Ramachandran – One among ATIM’s top 60 masters of contemporary artist of 2017

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ATIM’s Top 60 masters of contemporary art:
ArtTour International is proud to present a grand award ceremony and highly-anticipated
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The award recipients are chosen from ATIM’s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art, our
yearly publication which features 60 incredible artists and highlights the best of the best in
the contemporary art world. It is curated by the internationally acclaimed art personality,
Viviana Puello, founder and editor-in-chief of ArtTour International.

ATIM’s Award:
ArtTour International has created a special sculpture entitled “Rising Above,” an angel-like
figure with magnificent open wings and extended arms for the award winners. A famous
Italian porcelain company in Nove, Italy, creates reproductions in porcelain and then plate
them with 24-carat gold.

Photographer and an artist L Ramachandran:
Internationally renowned photographer and an artist Mr L Ramachandran, A self-taught
photographer defining his creative contours sought a different genre, making him the only
Indian representative photographer of the Playboy magazine in India. Achieving this position
was no mean feat for this young and avid aspiring photographer. Having found a creative
niche, presently his oeuvre spans varied genres as fine art, contemporary, architecture,
travel, lifestyle, fashion, glamor, celebrities and performing arts. He captures the alluring
forms of the body with artistry, it amplifies the concept of illusion and the sensuous rich
erotic visual forms.
Why L Ramachandran – One among ATIM’s top 60 masters of contemporary artist of 2017:
L Ramachandran has dedicated himself for art and photography. He travels around the
world to capture his dreams, to make his imagination real. Almost 265 days a year he travels
for his photo shoots, art events, gallery participation and exhibition. He always believes that
you don’t need a language to convey your thoughts, when your work speaks behalf of you.
He got a language called photography where he can communicate with the help of lights
and colors. He has exhibited his art photography collections in India, United States, Europe,
Asian countries. After all these exploration in various countries, Viviana Puello Editor-inChief
of ArtTour International has curated Mr L Ramachandran’s Contemporary art
photographs and extremely impressed the way he creates alive art by his photography,
body paint and his ingenious art direction. He has been invited by ATIM to receive an award
at Auditorium Grand Al Duomo, Florence, Italy.
Words from L Ramachandran about his Award:

Every artist need a recognition and appreciation for their creation. That will make them
unstoppable, push them to contribute and create tremendous magics. Even though I have
been in Europe many time for my shoots and exhibitions, this travel to Italy would be
extremely special and very close to my heart. It was double delight when I came to know
about my photographs has been selected among top 60 masters of contemporary art and I
have been invited to Florence to receive an award. The moment I felt, hard work never fails.
It may takes time. But definitely pay you back. This Journey was not at all easy. The path
wasn’t smooth. But if we put our 100% efforts, absolutely it will make us stand in the place
which we dreamed!! My great thanks to Editor-in-Chief Viviana Puello for the wonderful
moment in my photography and art career. I would like to thank my family, friends, team
well-wishers and followers for their unconditional love and support.